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Interview with Flavia La Rocca, winner of the Franca Sozzumi prize at the GCFA Award for Best Emerging Designer

“I create clothes that lend themselves to the game of fashion, in a responsible, dynamic and contemporary way”

By Alessandra Nava

Flavia was born in 1985. She comes from the romantic Rome and has a PR background. Her idea was born out of a necessity. At the end of 2013 she founded her brand @flavialarocca. She told us what is behind a much more than functional creation.

From which input did the idea of ​​your folded looks start? Do you remember a particular episode that pushed you to pursue this fashion vision?

Before launching the brand, I worked as a press office for major brands. My day was very hectic, dynamic and I needed to always have clothing suitable for every situation, even with limited time available. On business trips I felt the need to move lightly but also to have all the necessary clothes with me, from those for the office to those for events, parties. So, just during a flight, I put down on paper this idea of ​​interchangeable modular garments that I then developed over time.

Modular fashion, eco-sustainability and social spirit go hand in hand in your project: why do you think fashion is much more than a frivolous pastime?

Because it is above all self-expression. Because dressing is a necessity. Because by choosing to buy one garment instead of another we can do something to implement a change and ensure that people work in full respect of their rights and that what we wear does not adversely affect our planet. Together we can be change.

What are your main sources of inspiration when you approach the creation of a new collection?

Usually I’m very practical, I start from the needs of the contemporary woman and, collection after collection, I decline them according to my feelings. I draw inspiration from the life of all the groups, from what catches my eye that can be a place, a detail, a color.

Have you collaborated with sophisticated influencers like Licia Florio and Susie Lau: do you have any other dream names in the drawer for the future?

Yes, I had this opportunity, they are both two wonderful people. I also saw my clothes worn by fantastic women like Amber Valetta and Milla Jovovich, but if I had to name a name, no one in particular. I have the dream of continuing to see different women playing my clothes. From the student, to the career woman, to the mother who brings her baby to school or to the park as I do. Seeing what project comes to life is my biggest accomplishment. Every woman is a universe and is fascinating for this.

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What was it like winning the Franca Sozzani GCFA Award for Best Emerging Designer at the Green Carpet Awards? Do you have an anecdote to tell us about the evening?

It was a strong emotion. After years of work in this direction, it was an important recognition for me, a satisfaction, an extra push to continue with determination and strong passion. That evening in the parterre there were some of the biggest names in fashion world, celebrities, people I have worked with in the past, friends. Going up on that stage, collecting the prize, looking in front of me and seeing only the strong lights made me talk about myself and my project in such an intimate and natural way as if suddenly I was alone.