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Interview with Emilia de Poret, Klarna fashion director

The app that helps you keep your finances and purchases under control at the same time.

By Elena Toni

An app that allows you to pay in three installments in stores, directly monitor all purchases made and have full control of your finances, Klarna does all this, so that the customer is satisfied and can buy safely. In these days, single-use prepaid cards have been released in Italy that can be created and used to split payments in any online store.

A few days ago we met Emilia de Poret, Klarna fashion director. You have revealed some curiosities about the project.

What are the duties of a fashion director within Klarna?

The tasks of an fashion director within Klarna are all related to the world of fashion, so starting from simple trends, to shopping, let's say a bridge that connects customers to the characteristics of the products, then to the clarifications, to the doubts that every single person He can have. Guide the customer to a more informed, smart and above all sustainable shopping.

How did Klarna revolutionize the way people buy and what does this project mean for you?

The reason why Klarna was invented is mainly to have a simpler and safer shopping experience.

Mainly what is Klarna's target audience?

I want to say that Klarna is truly for all those who want to have a simpler shopping experience, so there is no specific target, but it is aimed at people of any age and gender.

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Tell us about your background before Klarna?

Before joining Klarna I was a singer and in fact in those years I discovered fashion, because being an artist it was very important that my music came out thanks to what I was wearing. After various successes, in Spain, Japan, I decided to stop the tour, also for my family. Later I started working for a Swedish TV, helping women with the trends of the moment to feel more comfortable. I also wrote about fashion, recorded podcasts. My background has certainly helped me to be oriented towards creativity but also towards business, following many women's associations and also Swedish fashion. What I really like about my job is knowing the people, the needs of the customers, it is as if it were a bank of information taken from direct contact with people, especially in Klarna, it is also a way for me to learn.

On your personal Instagram profile you have more than 91k followers, what is the most important message you want to convey?

The message I want to communicate mainly, as I said before, is to buy more consciously, strategically plan purchases, considering that there are many realities out there, we are "bombarded" by billions of sites. Building a strategic wardrobe, focusing on what we really need and what we don't, what makes us feel good. I would like to make it clear that there are many ways to buy, for example vintage, second hand, everything that can be circular. I think that when each of us finds our own style, it doesn't matter to follow trends, the important thing is to be at ease.

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Un post condiviso da Emilia de Poret (@emiliadeporet)

Briefly tell us how postpayments work and why you recommend it.

With Klarna it is possible to defer payments in 3 convenient installments without interest and commissions, automatically deducted every month from the chosen credit / debit or prepaid card, in full transparency and security. The Klarna app specifically helps you plan your purchases with flexibility and convenience, offering the ability to have an overview of payments and manage returns in one place, safe and intuitive. It is possible to put products of different brands and product categories in the cart and proceed to a single checkout in just one click, facilitating the shopping experience. It is also possible to be inspired by the tips of the fashion experts, buy second hand to make even more conscious purchases and track the C02 emissions of your purchases to raise awareness of respect for the environment.

What, if any, are the news for the future?

One of the most recent launches is the sustainable collection, but also new campaigns, collaborations, app functionality. We are in constant motion, which is why I like it, because it is not just a payment app but an experience.

Any tips for the perfect look for every occasion?

For me the perfect look from morning to night is a suit, which can be very casual with a T-shirt and a sneaker, but also sexy with heels and a red lipstick. For me it is truly essential, at any age, because it is a truly versatile piece that can make every day easier for you.

Images: Klarna Press Office