Is there nothing interesting around because we are no longer interested?

The brutalization of the contents

By acrimonia

(N.B.: this article doesn’t want to generalize)

We have been asking ourselves the same question for days, weeks, months. During editorial meetings, questioning oneself is one of the first rules of an editorial team that aims to improve itself continuously, unceasingly, obsessively...

So, we said, some of us (yes, we don’t have men enrolled) occasionally jump up and ask ourselves: "What have we published this week of ingenious?", "What have them published this week of ingenious?".

We are not talking about illuminating as information that should upset the knowledge acquired so far, nor give us the answer to questions that have been hammering humanity for decades, but of content: image or text, image and text, video, which alone have the strength to make people learn quickly, to teach, to open their minds and throw something functional in terms of aesthetics, grammar, syntax, history, current events, identity, environment or any other subject.

The digital revolution has brought digital tools to be an extension of our body. In the morning we open our eyes, pick up the phone and consult Instagram, Twitter, the most âgée Facebook, the most teen Tik Tok, we make sure we are digitally alive, we check the stories that interest us and we get up. We don't kiss those around us, we don't look at the ceiling for a minute, we don't raise the shutters, we don't even stretch anymore... we pick up the phone, and for what?

We eat content without realizing what we have in our hands, we scrub feeds without interest, we consume pages that we follow without paying attention to them and we look for recommended accounts aware that we will never study them fully. Our brain is not stimulated, it is lazy, lazy and doesn’t want to make the slightest effort.


We have tried to understand what depends on the brutalization of the contents from which we are bombarded on social media and the consequent lack of interest in them: everyone does everything.

Everyone feels entitled to write
Writing is an art, a skill, an immense effort, an emotional storm, a competition with your own head. Not everyone is able to do it, it is boundlessly complex to conceive a written, even short, web format that has the dignity of being published. Let's do it to those who have the faculty and rather rely on emojis :).

Everyone talks on video
The success of a spoken video depends on its rhythm, on the protagonist's tone of voice, on its photogenic appeal. Not everyone is lucky enough to be admired as they speak with their big faces on the screen. Let's do it to those who have the skills.

Everyone delivers advice
In the era of all theologians, we come across pseudo-illiterates who recommend books, unaware that they improvise beauty experts, devoid of aesthetic sense that pretend to be photographers, then designers, designers everywhere. To each his own…

Everyone speaks all languages
To study is the answer.

Nobody consults the sources
We are so reluctant to give any pseudo information we encounter as true. We must check the sources before absorbing by inertia.

Interest arises when you have something interesting in front of you. There is little valid around because we are no longer interested? No, because we want to go back to knowledge, because knowledge is beauty. And depriving yourself of beauty makes no sense.