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Impala Skate: Roller skating is the cool new hobby of lockdown

Playing sport while having fun and with style

By Camilla Alcini

If running sessions, online workouts, pilates and yoga have not been enough to convince you , there is a pastime that combines fun and exercise: roller skating.

This trend is here to save us from the lockdown, it makes an exuberant return from the 70s and 80s and is proposed again thanks to the glamorous Impala Skate rollers.

Whether it's nostalgia or boredom that gets you started it doesn't matter, because once you discover the latest generation multi-surface wheels of these rollers you won't be able to get them off your feet. The design makes them even more captivating and captures their vintage essence in both a matte and glossy key, in a riot of pastel colors and prints for all personalities. Every detail, from the laces to the wheels, makes these skates not only a tool for exercising and having fun, but also a super cool accessory.

With Impala's rollers and a little music, even our homes can become a dance hall to vent the desire for fun and make us imagine being in a skate park in Malibu.