The travel make-up by Dolomia Beauty that highlights the tan

To take anywhere

By acrimonia

On vacation we all need a soft and practical make-up to carry around during all our stops, from the sea to the mountains. To satisfy this need, the Italian brand Dolomia Beauty, has decided to create 3 key products that enhance the tan in travel size. Let's find out together: Mascara Perfect Style dolomiatravelsizeSS19_acrimoniamagazine3 This mascara lengthens and defines the lashes, making the look magnetic. Price: €15,50 Moisturizing lip gloss dolomiatravelsizeSS19_acrimoniamagazine2 It really deeply moisturizes the lips, essential in the summer period when the salt water of the sea or the mountain wind can dry out the skin. Price: €12,50 Concealer spots and couperose dolomiatravelsizeSS19_acrimoniamagazine1 The stick formula allows you to modulate the coverage depending on the level of your tan. Corrects discoloration and redness by smoothing the complexion. Price: €13,50