The website that saves you from the line in front of supermarket

From necessity to virtue

By Giulietta Riva

We are experiencing weird times, between isolation, overcrowding of opinions, social distance, questionable initiatives and general confusion, the only news that, looking back, we never expected to have to dissolve is the endless line to enter the supermarket.

Yet, I repeat, we are living in strange times and, now, nothing astonishes us anymore. Between the fear of being left without provisions and the trick of taking a “justified” breath of air whenever possible, the necessary consequence is the (heartbreaking) tail in front of one of the few businesses that have remained open.

Given the mandatory rules that provide for a safety distance of at least 1 meter and the attempt to avoid gatherings inside and outside, supermarkets allow a maximum entry of 5 to 20 people depending on the size of the stores.

filaindiana.it was born from the creators of the Italian start-up Wiseair. Pietro Avolio, Francesco Bertani, Andrea Maioli and Nicolò Alabastro have created, at a time when they have perceived the extreme need, a site that monitors waiting times in front of the stores.

Through a system of geolocation of users in the queue, who once in a row click on the button “I’m in a row here”, filaindiana.it collects the data and estimates the waiting times so as to communicate them to those who keep an eye on avoid running into two hours of unmotivated open air.

Currently active only in Lombardy, filaindiana.it will arrive soon, hoping that the need will decrease, in other regions of Italy.