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The tale of Christmas

This year we will remember it as an exception to the rule.

By Myra Geraldine Meterangelo

The Holidays are coming and “no one can put the Christmas spots in a corner”, to put it in a courtly quote. What values ​​have communication agencies and businesses managed to convey this year through Christmas storytelling?

What are the trends emerging internationally?

There are those who have focused on the peculiarities of a different and new Christmas and those who have shared the need for a vision aimed at optimism.

Before deeping into the matter, let's make a brief recap of some unmissable Christmas spots that have made contemporary history.

A leap into the very near past

H&M feat Wes Anderson

It was 2016, H&M released a promotional short film made by director Wes Anderson. The short about four minutes is entitled “Come Together” and is particularly reminiscent of the “Train to Darjeeling” (2007). The spot features Adrien Brody, who is the driver. He announces the delay of more than 11 hours of the “H&M Lines Winter Express” train due to bad weather. To remedy the problem, he promises that in 20 minutes a small Christmas brunch will be served in the dining car, where all H&M dresses are presented.

What does the commercial tell us? To experience Christmas you need little, the necessary ingredients are feelings. Sometimes we can make a difference with a small gesture even towards strangers.

IKEA UK feat Mother London

Completely different narrative for “Silence The Critics” which, to the notes of “Fresh N Clean (Silence The Critics)”, by D Double E, hilariously tells the disgust felt by some objects in the house for the surrounding furnishings.

What does it teach us? Sometimes a little healthy humor helps to play down even the most static situations. Furthermore, #silencethecritics is an exhortation to look at imperfection as a fundamental characteristic part of one's being.

Erste Groupe feat Jung von Matt/DONAU

The end of the year is a bit like the end of the summer, we find ourselves having to deal with ourselves and our expectations or expectations. HannaBumblebee challenges the well-known #paradox of the bumblebee according to which the hornet, due to its wingspan, in relation to its weight, could not fly; But he does not know and flies anyway. Always believe in it and have self-confidence, things come with patience.

Sainsbury's feat Pulse Films

Nicholas the sweep Christmas (2019)

Dickensian short film directed by Ninian Doff that has exceeded four million views in almost 24 hours. It is the story of the birth of Santa Claus, in this case an 8-year-old chimney sweep who was unjustly arrested for an unsolicited theft. This is the story of a change dictated by #solidarity.

So we come to 2020

  • Esselunga feat Armando Testa


With the words of Walt Whitman's poem and a plot that could be defined as ordinary, Armando Testa and Esselunga do not throw in the towel.

Life is desert and oasis:
it knocks us down, it hurts us,
transforms us,
it forces us to be protagonists
of our own history.
Even if the wind blows against us,
the mighty work does not stop:
you can make your own verse.
Never stop dreaming,
because in those dreams lies freedom.

  • Gucci feat Mark Peckmezian and Akinola Davies Jr

If Esselunga and Armando Testa try to connote the transition from one year to the next with realism and tenacity, Gucci proposes a dreamlike tale and a 90s revival. This spot, together with the latest Gucci initiatives, consecrates the fashion house as a creative hub in which art is a 360 ° form of expression.

  • Waitrose feat John & Lewis

The winner is...

John & Lewis with an unexpected commercial, launched on the world day of kindness. The unusual but winning choice is the use of multiplicity.

The realization techniques are varied: claymation animation, CGI and live action. There are eight authors / artists and nine cartoons created.

At the base a beautiful gesture of humanity, the involvement of different realities means the recovery of the whole world.

And to you, which commercials have hit the most this Christmas 2020?



Foto di Nadi Lindsay da Pexels