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The Fraitag apron: a cool and eco-friendly must-have

The iconic apron beloved by professional cooks and gardener can be now purchased on their website, for all those who'd like to get responsibly dirty

By Alessandra Nava

Freitag, the Swiss brand devoted to practical and sophisticated workwear and accessories, is constantly looking for new materials and design which are both stylish and eco-friendly. freitagf-abric_acrimoniamagazine2 Freitag’s iconic apron E903 APRON, thought as an elegant garment for all those professionals who work as cooks or gardeners, can be now purchased on their website. It is the perfect choice for all those who want to have a Masterchef-like experience, or those who have a green thumb. freitagf-abric_acrimoniamagazine1 Freitag’s apron is eco-friendly in its composition, a perfect mixture of linen and canvas. It is also thought to be washed just a few times, in order to reduce an enormous and useless waste of water and detergents. Ready to get dirty with style?