The brand to discover this month: LA VESTE

Brand made in Spain that came from the union between the it-girl and fashion designer Blanca Mirò with Maria de la Orden

By Myra Geraldine Meterangelo

A brand that calls to himself all those eclectic souls, who don't help choosing large picnic hats, graphic trousers, wide collars and spring colors.

LA VESTE is meant for someone who loves vintage and the attention to details.

LA VESTE, the blazer in French

LA VESTE was born by an idea of Blanca Miró and Maria de la Orden. Both of these girls have been in the fashion system for years and they have gained numerous experiences through which their tastes have also been perfected.

The choice of the French’s name “LA VESTE” suggests a certain expertise on the theme of vintage fashion.

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Leandra wearing the green school shirt at @manrepeller by @edithwyoung @leandramcohen #lavestelaveste

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The name isn’t casual. The strength, when they started, was a structured blazer with features that strongly recall the Catalan birthplace of the brand. The creative footprint is made by a combination of tastes and styles of the two creators: elegance and minimalism are mixed with energy and vivid colours, as if nothing had happened and the effect is an artwork piece.

Blanca Mirò Scrimieri

Stilist and famous spanish influencer. Known for her colorful style, full of pattern and volumes.

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New members at @lavestelaveste family. Limón top and Aubergine pants 🍆🍋

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Sophisticated but also self-deprecating, Blanca Mirò is a woman with a thousand resources. Beside the partnership with her friend Maria De La Orden, Blanca collaborates with many brands, she has created a platform that stimulates emerging designers and allows you to preview their collections; she also ventured with a jewelry design project for Wilhelmina Garcia.

Maria De La Orden

Traveling soul, refined style and great sensitivity.

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C a m p o 🌾 @lavestelaveste

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Maria loves to travel and that's how she got to know the hidden beauties of the world and acquired the stylistic and sartorial skills from the local traditions of small artisans.

Maria has other project besides LA VESTE. She has a personal brand personal with her name and she also has a second project dedicated to home design, called Mau Loa Home.

Handmade sustainable

If IT has not yet convinced you, it’s time to mention another important point of this brand. LA VESTE is a completely handmade brand. The entire production is made by local Spanish activity and it gives particular attention to sustainability.

While you are going to scroll with the mouse on the online shop, you will probably notice that the initial disruptive sensation - at times cumbersome - slowly leaves space to the idea that behind every single cloth there is a careful study and that a pieces as unique as these can never go out of style.

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@vansitbon celebrating her birthday with a bloody Mary 🧃 and wearing our purple school shirt 04 #lavestelaveste

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These  feeling comes to the light by the research of “vintage-not much vintage”’ notes.

In other words the pieces made by Blanca Mirò e Maria de la Orden are really special, careful in the making selection of materials, in the design and in the realization.

LA VESTE is that gem everyone should have in the closet because, beside the brand, it allows you to communicate a thought and a choice.