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The Mestiansky Brewery, Bratislava and the Danube Beach


Beer brewing in Bratislava has a centuries-old tradition, dating back to when, in the 15th century, eleven brewers obtained a licence to start brewing. Exactly in 1477 the city's first brewery was founded, but it was demolished in 1532. Many years passed before the construction of the “Die Bürgerliche Brauerei”, which boasted a production output quite comparable to the Bavarian factories. The structure was not aesthetically appealing; in fact, it was apparently quite modest. Deliberately modest, as it was thought to be more important to focus on the quality of the drinks and food in the pivovar restaurant, which served dishes typical of the ten nationalities represented in the city. The inner courtyard housed modern machinery and even a small mill. Water was pumped directly from the river by the Danube, with a steam engine that remained in operation until 1868. Later the brewery was connected to the city's more salubrious water supply.

One hundred years later, the needs of the city marked the fate of the structure, which was demolished to make way for the Snp Bridge, the one with the UFO on it.

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The ancient tradition has been taken over, since 2010, by the Mestiansky pivovar, located at Drevená 8 (and also at Dunajská 21, with a pleasant outdoor area on the Vesselényi Gardens). The new brewery is spread over three floors and aims to attract visitors and connoisseurs with a special type of beer, designed as an alternative to industrially brewed beer. The restaurant offers menus focusing on seasonality as well as typical tasting dishes such as sirloin of beef in cream sauce, dill sauce and homemade gnocchi, roast knee, steak tartare and toast.

After a good lunch in a beer garden, there is nothing better than a nice walk along the banks of the Danube, perhaps to discover the Tyrsák beach: a former abandoned car park located near the Old Bridge, restored and devoted to entertainment, with a refreshment area, two beach volleyball courts and a mini football arena. As well as the inevitable deckchairs to enjoy the sun with your feet in the sand.

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If, however, the hearty meal makes you feel guilty, you can always make up for it by throwing yourself into physical activity! A short distance from the centre of Bratislava, which can also be reached by public transport, is the water sports area called “Divoká voda”, set up on two canals on the old course of the Danube River allows visitors to experience rafting, jet skiing, kayaking and water skiing. As well as quads, archery, beach volleyball and pony rides.

Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios