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Identikit of a teen (today)

What has changed since the 2000s?

By acrimonia

We met (virtually) a 16-year-old girl from 2021. She told us about her first crush, her summer song and her personal perception of the future. Emma, from Rome, is very outspoken and makes it much simpler than it seems...

Hi Emma, describe yourself in a sentence...

“Sweet but psycho” my friends describe me as a good person. It is difficult for me to do something bad to someone... At the same time, however, I care a lot about my crazy side: never deprive yourself of doing something when you want to do it.

Is it true what it tells about you? Do you stare in front of smartphones, incapable and above all unwilling to interact with the rest of the world?

Yes, that’s partly true. But I wouldn’t lump it all together... when we’re together, between us, we laugh and joke. Often we leave the iPhone (ndr) in the background for hours. We are addicted to social media, I can’t deny it, but there are people who have built us an empire. Why should we stay without them?

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Tell us about your typical day.

Before the virus my days were full of unforeseen events. Morning meant school. Six hours of gossip, laughter and chat with my classmates. After school the options were: training, study, shopping with friends (which do you think I chose?). Saturday night must be in places of the “movida”. Today they are all the same. If I am not at school I am at home. Overnight I could end up in quarantine and lock myself in my room. Let’s just say there’s not much to tell…

Our first crush was Zac Efron, yours?

Of course, Zac Efron, who didn’t have a crush on Zac?

The song that represents your high school years?

“I nostri anni” by Tommaso Paradiso.

The movie about your high school years?

No doubt: “He's Just Not That Into You”.

How old were you when you had your first smartphone, what model did you have and what did you use it for?

The summer before middle school, fifth grade, was a Motorola. I used it mostly to be on Instagram, which I had from a couple of years, and to chat on Whatsapp.

If you like someone, what’s your move?

I do ABSOLUTELY nothing... waiting for him to take the first step.

After he took the first step?

There is never the same evolution of every story. It is all magically in the hands of destiny...

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on by a friend?

I have never cheated, but I was being cheated on by a friend, yes. It’s one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially if it’s one of your best friends.

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How does your generation see and approach sex?

My generation sees it as an experience to brag about. Often taken as a game and often without the use of precautions.

Can we ask you why you have two Instagram profiles?

One is public. Another private where I only accept friendship to people I “really” know.

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Do you still use the fake profile with friends to spy on people without being noticed?

Of course, I have more than one...

What do you want to do when you grow up? Do you see it as dark as they describe it?

If I have to tell the truth, no, I’m a dreamer and I can’t, or maybe I don’t want to, think about a dark future. The question “what do you want to do when you grow up?” I always answer in a different way, to give me the opportunity to imagine myself in more than one clothe.

What is happiness for a teenager in 2021?

I think it’s staying with friends. Seeing them whenever you want, even for a simple coffee...

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