The ten books that a true feminist cannot fail to have on her bedside table

From cult to current novels, here are the books that talk about gender equality and women's rights

By Jessica Marinetto

These are important weeks for women and for those who are spokespersons for such a delicate and relevant battle. From Rula Jubreal's monologue in Sanremo who kept us attached to TV, to Nancy Pelosi who snatches Trump's speech in front of all America. Two events, two women who have shown how important it is to continue believing in change for words to become reality.

So, we decided to offer you a list of books, written by women, who have decided to spread their indignation by deepening themes of great interest for the female world.

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects - Mary Wollstoncraft

Milestone in the history of feminism, it is the first book written by a woman for the rights of the female gender. A profound reflection on the recognition of the position of women in eighteenth-century society and for the fundamental tasks that she carried out, from the support of her husband to the education of children.

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Emma - Jane Austen

"I'm going to describe a heroine who will not be able to please anyone, except myself". Thus, Jane Austin described the protagonist of the novel of her literary maturity, which made her an invaluable writer. Emma Woodhouse, is a young girl an independent woman with a clear awareness of her social position, on the other hand, she is blind to the feelings of others. Following the declaration of love by Mr. Knightley, the painful recognition of her mistakes occurs which will help her understand the human soul.

A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf

A fundamental volume for modern feminist literature that arises from the reflections that arose from a series of conferences held in the women's colleges of Cambridge. The book is a real journey through time in which it traces the condition of women over the centuries, realizing how invisible women are in history because they are excluded from social and cultural life. The same writer blames women for being too busy taking care of their children and household activities instead of fighting for their rights. Thus attributing the famous phrase: "There is no wall on which to measure its deeds, since no gesture has ever been made".

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Sulla liberazione della donna - Simone de Beauvoir by Anna Maria Verna

A small book containing a surprising interview from 1977 to the writer and activist Simone de Beauvoir. In this dialogue with Anna Maria Verna, the most important themes of feminist thought emerge that still animate the discussions of this movement today. We recall, however, another volume by de Beauvoir, The second sex, a provocative book from the title itself, which condemns us to a lower status than that of man. The writer reviews all the roles that are attributed to us by the macho-bride, mother, prostitute or old thought. To conclude that an electoral card and some freedom are not enough to keep us silent, but it is self-fulfillment and independence that lead us to the end of a cycle of submission to male thought.

Women, race and class - Angela Davis

I wanted to insert this text, considered one of the pioneering books of contemporary feminism, for a specific reason: it is written by an African American woman. In this book, the writer applies a new research method in which she tries to make it clear that every woman is different from one another, especially in terms of her experiences and needs. In doing so, the objectives and criteria of the feminist movement have broadened horizons. This volume proves to be "current" in a crucial historical moment, determined by the growing migration of women and an alarming return of racism.

We Should All Be Feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Adichie in this volume underlines the importance of educating children, both male and female, from an early age to respect the concept of equality. It addresses the need for feminism in Nigerian society as women are not spurred to achieve individual goals beyond the fact that they acquire dignity only once they are married.

Lessico femminile - Sandra Petrugnani

A revealing book, in search of the bond that unites all women. She combines her sensitivity with that of women who preceded and fed her like Virginia Wolf or Nina Berberova. A thousand facets of being a woman to re-read the world from their point of view even if nothing is more secret than a female existence.

Il catalogo delle donne valorose - Serena Dandini

It is easy for us women to be valiant. We have a job, we take care of the children, the house, and we try to reconcile everything in the best way. The problem is that women are invisible and often remain invisible. This is why Serena Dandini has thought about it, who has collected the lives of thirty-four charismatic and enterprising women who are often persecuted because they fought for their ideals. Among these women I want to mention Ilaria Alpi, a journalist killed while investigating uncomfortable cases and the first woman to run the Boston Marathon Kathrine Switzer.

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Basta! Il potere delle donne contro la politica del testosterone - Lilli Gruber

A book that highlights the need for female presence in decision-making roles because we have been governed by testosterone for too long. In a nutshell, ENOUGH tyrants with more belly than substance and we welcome more female thinking. Greta Thunberg, Ursula von der Leyer, Christine Lagarde and Nancy Pelosi, are just some of the women who have spoken out for important battles. The ironic and pungent pen of Lilli Gruber does not stop at this but tells alarming facts and statistics for us women. For example, did you know that there is a molecule called sidenafil citrate with proven efficacy for menstrual pain that relieves them without side effects? And do you know what other drug contains this molecule? Viagra. Here if you are a pharmaceutical company you will ask yourself: are there more women willing to go to work with cramps or men willing to make a bad impression in bed? The answer? The study for the effectiveness of this molecule for menstrual pain was interrupted due to lack of funds.

Libere tutte - Cecilia D’Elia e Giorgia Sunegatti

Last book, but not least, is Libere tutte written by the hand of not one but two women. Delicate subjects are touched on, from abortion to prostitution to the use of the Islamic veil. A book that attacks fundamentalist societies that aim to reproduce and control women's sexuality. The word feminism is synonymous with freedom and must not be forgotten, for us women and for all men who decide to walk and identify with us.

Let us always remember, every day of our lives, that: "We women are like roses take root, we are resistant, we endure adversity and despite the lack of care we flourish boldly every spring".

Sabrina Dandini