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The singer-songwriters who drove us crazy in the 90s

Yesterday's looks and today's style


Summer 2024 men's/women's fashion is inspired by the 90s. Let's give air to the strictly out navel, make way for light miniskirts and oversize jeans. And green light to close-fitting shirts in a fabric the experts call "keep away from the fire". All accompanied by black wrap-around sunglasses. While, however, today's fashion is exactly a copy-paste of the years gone by, what did the rookie singers of the 90s look like and how are they now?

  • We start with Jovanotti, who recently announced 21 dates between March and April 2025. With his looks, he has come into his own. If we compare what he looked like in the 90s to what he looks like today, let's say he has made a space-time leap. Where the watchword has always been disorder. He went from a 'Pierino' look reinterpreted in a rap key with a cap and Bermuda shorts in 'Ciao Mamma' 1990, to 'Penso positivo',1994 where he wears Eminem's aesthetic clothes with baggy trousers, a wool cap even in summer and a T-shirt over a shirt. Then we come to 'Un raggio di sole', 1999 dressed as a novice journalist with persimmon-coloured trousers and a blue shirt, obviously combined with another hat, this time fisherman-style.

    And today? From his latest live appearances, let's say that his stylistic choice seems to be re-focusing on I don't know who they are and they are all: going from long, holy-man-style robes to Jack Sparrow and/or captain findus-style pirate outfits and accessories. Did we say confusion? The musical style hasn't changed much like the looks, the recurring theme is that of the early days with modern sounds: let's mess around, dance, have fun and look on the bright side. An eternal Peter Pan.

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  • A big name in the 1990s is definitely Elisa. She appeared on the music scene singing in English (many thought she was not Italian). Success in the recording industry came with her debut album 'Pipes & Flowers' (1997), although she achieved public notoriety four years later with her victory at the 2001 Sanremo Festival with the song 'Luce', this time in Italian. this time in Italian. Her look in her first hit single 'Labirinth' (1997) is anonymous and chaste, what is striking is the haircut very similar to that of David Bowie in the film of the same name.

    Elisa has an international mould, an international voice and a style both in terms of look and musical genre very similar to that of Alanis Morissette. An icon of the same years. She doesn't use femininity, she doesn't uncover a muscle, she doesn't need it, Elisa's voice is irrepressible, her shyness appealing and her professionalism seasoned. She must hate shoes because she often performs barefoot. At Sanremo she won at the beginning of the 2000s with 'Luce', shedding light even with a total white look that was too simple, however, confirmation style. But she doesn't seem to care about dressing wow. Her career is brilliant but she remains humble.

    Elisa today? Elegant, fashionable at the right point, she continues not to uncover herself and keeps white as her predominant choice. An example? Her last Sanremo in 2022. From a musical point of view, she becomes more mature, more cautious, less biting, but she does not reinvent herself, she simply repeats what she had already invented. A timeless goddess.
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  • Gianluca Grignani made a splash in 1994 with the single 'La mia storia tra le dita' and a few months later it was the turn of the song 'Destinazione Paradiso'. which immediately became a huge hit. In the 1990s there was not a girl who was not madly in love with him. Long hair, angelic and demonic face at the same time, an irresistible mixture of Jim Morrison and Jhonny Deep. Look? Ah why was someone looking at how he was dressed? I don't think so. In any case, the look was that of someone who just happened to be there, or rather someone who doesn't even know where he is. Dirty shoes, washed-out jeans, t-shirt or shirt: what's the difference?

    At Sanremo in 1995 he even wore a jumper most likely made by his aunt. Beautiful, apparently dirty but above all cursed. Beautiful did I already say that? There were countless appearances on any TV programme in playback and he, too God, too handsome (I think I've already said that) ignored the rules of the game. He didn't even pretend to move his lips, he laughed and was literally assaulted by raving fans. The success is overwhelming.

    And today? Recent is his participation in Sanremo 2023 after years of struggle and relapse between alcohol and drugs. Today's look is elegant, rock and dark. Grignani's appearance reflects that of someone who has struggled, of someone who has gone from enormous success to who knows how many slaps and negative repercussions. The level of the songs has never been comparable to the hits of the 90s. But Gianluca does not give up and that is a fact. His biography 'Residui Rock'n'Roll', with a preface by Irama, is recent.
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The 1990s are years much admired, copied, revisited and revived. They are the years of Barbour Dr.Martens, Game Boy Tamagotchi, Karaoke, MTV and Non è la Rai, Tangentopoli and the Gulf War, the Spice Girls and boybands, the grunge explosion.

Was it better when it was worse? We certainly look the same.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios