Honey LaBauletto Bag by Sunnei: it’s love at first sight

Is there something cooler than an extra-large honey-like bag? An ode to one of our autumn’s faves

By Alessandra Nava

Ooooh, the bags, what a sweet temptation! Even though we celebrated mini bags a few months ago, this doesn’t mean that we don’t like maxi neverfull bags, as Mr. Louis Vuitton would call them. And Sunnei’s bauletto is already our favorite!
Here’s our unconditional love for it, condensed in 5 main points.
(Magic Mike) XXL
As big as our love for it, this bauletto is the perfect ambassador of the “bigger is better” philosophy. And its almost exaggerated size, took it to the extreme like Jacquemus and Chanel did, makes it incredibly cool.
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Francesca with *azure bauletto bag

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Yellow Mellow
The bag’s sweet and warm color is actually a love it or hate it, but we encourage you to dare one of the most iconic shades ever. Rihanna at the Met Gala about China, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Beyoncé in Versace during her “Formation” performance: this is the color of success.
2000s Nostalgia
Britney, Kim and Paris wore bags that were as big as their iconic egos. So it’s time to re-update te concept of big bag! This time Sunnei goes for casual practicality, in an extra-large way.
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Who else thinks fashion was so much better in the 2000s? 😩💖 #ashleytisdale #mileycyrus #blonde #brunette #balenciaga #louisvuitton #fashion #style #hair #makeup #glam #pretty #2000s

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Airport vibes
Airport recently became one of the chicest catwalks to show off some seriously sophisticated outfits, just think about Posh Spice Victoria Beckham or the divine Rosie Huntigton-Whitley. The Sunnei bag is perfect to keep you beauty kit or the crazy duty free shopping.
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San Fran for a meeting 🖤

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Secret Pockets
The Chanel 2.55 has a small zipped-pocket on the inside, destined to keep your lovers’ letters. Sunnei’s bag is way more cheeky, with external pockets to store your smartphone, your lipstick and a few secrets.
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