Golf Le Fleur* x Converse: here are the new silhouettes!

A new collab!

By Margherita Verdiani

It's happening again: the third collab between Converse and Golf Le Fleur*. The Gianno is born, a new shoe model that is closer to the personality of Tyler, the Creator, its creator (I know). Yes, we're talking about sneakers and no, it's not a gobbledygook. Let's make it clear: the american rapper Tyler, the Creator founded the fashion brand “Golf Wang” in 2011 and in 2016 he decided to dedicate himself also to the shoes, announcing the new born “Golf le Fleur*”. From there, Tyler's sneakers achieved a lot of success and the collab with Converse is now at its third act, offering us a pair of shoes that blends together Tyler's love for 90s fashion, the idea of an “outdoor” shoe and all the trekking stuff.

It's a fresh and contemporary creation that match with Converse's scenario. It's a chunky, large and sturdy sneaker. “The shoe is a combination of style and function” says Amy Rauner, Converse's shoe designer, and she continues with “the multidirectional non-skid, lugged outsole should work in many different conditions”. She describes it with words that are difficult to understand from who's not in this industry, but they should sound familiar from the first moment we'll wear them and, as often happens, implicitly we'll translate them in “well... really comfy”

The Gianno is a blend of leather, nylon and suede. Optioned in three different colours because of the result of one of Tyler's research on the retrò influences, but also on present fashion runways. The front of the shoe is decorated with lilies and lines of loops curled in on themselves that make it interesting to look at from every angle.

It's a new product, created from nothing and different from previous collaborations with Converse. Now Tyler's creative flair become evident, moving away from brand's evergreens, enough studied and explored. The Gianno is Tyler's signature shoe, how to blame him? We're soooo excited, and you? Discover the HERE.