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Glowria: a sparkling beauty box

A new reference of beauty

By Alessandra Nava

During the crazy crazy 2020, we learned a lot of things, such as the importance of wearing a mask and washing our hands, the width of Netflix’s catalogue, and how to bake a cake. In these uncertain times, the vast majority of us surely got to know the importance of a beauty routine, a small lovable ritual which helped us cope through this tough times. And now we can’t live without it!

Coming to the rescue to help us, here comes Glowria. It’s a brand new beauty box thought to cuddle us on a monthly basis with loads of new products inside. Glowria represents all the inquisitive, young, dynamic personalities who want to find out and test new products, and who are in love with the beauty world. Each month, Gloria will come with four regular-size products from a huge range of brands, such as MAC, Benefit, Rituals … just to name a few.

A fresh combination of beauty bestsellers and niche-y brand new products will be delivered to your house every month. Glowria comes with a small price, 16,90€ per month and you can subscribe anytime.

Enjoy your skincare and let us know your favorite Glowria products!



Image: Glowria Press Office