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Men are not only observers of childbirth and pregnancy, according to Alessandro Poggi

IGIRL… Or maybe for this month we should say IGBOY: @alessandro_poggi

By Giulia Lucci

Those who follow us, they will certainly know that the IGIRL format is dedicated to the Instagram profile of the girl / influencer who impressed us in a particular way for that month. Let's go together to find out who our monthly star is.

For this month we have thought of a very influential profile but not in terms of fashion, beauty or design, rather on an ethical and moral level. Our IGIRL this month is in fact Alessandro Poggi (@alessandro_poggi). You may be wondering if we were wrong, “why choose a guy for a format called IGIRL?”. I'll explain it to you right away.

For those unfamiliar with him, Alessandro Poggi is a chef of Roman origins famous for his passion for art and the cultures of many countries, especially Japanese.

On his Instagram bio he defines himself as “Marketer, Punk Chef, Art Collector and Hello Kitty Fan”.

Poggy, as he likes to be called, is not only a chef, but also UNIQLO's Italy Marketing Director.

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Un post condiviso da Alessandro Poggi (@alessandro_poggi)

His passion for food is born in his kitchen, or rather I should say their kitchen, his and his partner Martina Pinto. Poggy has created an Instagram page dedicated to his culinary creations @cucinaconpoggy where the typical Roman cuisine meets the exotic flavors of Japan.

Today, however, we are not here to talk about his passion for gastronomy but for a post that he published on his personal profile recently.

Poggy became a dad, and he amazed all his followers and those of his partner with a post that at first glance might seem too romantic and cheesy, but it isn’t.

“I always grew up with the popular thought that childbirth was something unique to the mother. A difficult experience, certainly beautiful, of which one does not always have a good memory, but of which the father is a simple observer, a frame” so begins one of the captions under an Instagram post that is more true and full of substance than I have never happened to read.

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Un post condiviso da Alessandro Poggi (@alessandro_poggi)

Poggy exalts the woman, but above all the figure of the mother, who has always carried the weight and the honor of giving life to another human being, but above all he encourages men to be part of this experience, underlining how obviously for the man is not as significant and emotionally strong as for the woman.

Poggy encourages men to not only be the frame of that moment but to become part of it as much as possible because the woman at that moment needs him to be there for her, to support her.

“... This moment must be important for both of us in the same way, even if it will never be 100%, but trying to make it so will help both of you to reach that state of bliss when you see that little creature …”.

Poggy incites men to be there for their wives / partners at any time even in one that might seem so personal and distant from the male world from the outside, but it is simply because you don't usually dive so deep as to understand it fully.

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Un post condiviso da Alessandro Poggi (@alessandro_poggi)