The body scrubs that you can prepare at home with few ingredients

To prepare the skin (hopefully!) for tanning

By Valentina Agosto

Having a lot of free time to spend at home can be an excellent opportunity to dedicate ourselves to us and give us all those body treatments that, out of haste or laziness, we tend to forget during the year, favoring face skincare.

With summer at the door, and the progressive shortening of skirts and sleeves, it is essential to remember to do a body scrub a week, in order to renew the surface layer of the skin and make it brighter and more compact, in addition to preparing it better for tanning, which we never wanted as much as this year.

Given the need to limit purchases to what is strictly necessary (we have to hold on a little longer), we decided to recommend you very fast and zero-cost scrubs to be prepared at home with ingredients that you probably already have, each designed for a different need:

ENERGIZING SCRUB (for all skin types)

Coarse salt or Turkish wheat flour (flour for polenta)
Olive oil or body oil (almonds, argan, shea)
Honey (one teaspoon)

Mix the ingredients until a fluid compound is obtained and massage into damp skin. Rinse with a massage.


Sweet almond oil
Coffee powder

Mix the ingredients and apply on damp skin. Leave on for a few minutes to allow the caffeine to perform its draining and deflating action and rinse with a massage.


3 kiwis
Coarse salt (1 tablespoon)
Extra virgin olive oil (1 tablespoon)
Lemon juice

Blend the kiwis and add them to the other ingredients, mixing. Apply on dry skin and massage for five minutes insisting on the critical points. Rinse.

DELICATE SCRUB (sensitive skin)

Rice starch (two tablespoons)
Argan oil
Sugar (one tablespoon)
Lavender essential oil (optional)

Pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix. Add two drops of lavender essential oil to achieve a relaxing effect or balance sleep. Gently massage into damp skin.


Baking soda (two tablespoons)
White yogurt (two tablespoons)
Lemon juice (or orange, or pomegranate)

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and mix with the milk until a fluid mixture is obtained which does not drip. Spray the lemon juice and mix gently. Apply on damp or dry skin and leave on for a few minutes, rinse with a massage.