Gigi Hadid and the sweetest expecting

A half-serious guide to the 2020 most unexpected pregnancy

By Alessandra Nava

A few days ago Gigi Hadid turned 25 and celebrated her birthday with her family, Zayn Malik included.

The long time relationship between these two sweethearts seems to have reached a point of no return. TMZ recently dropped the bomb: Gigi and Zayn are having a baby
The couple, who has always been very reserved, didn’t confirm nor deny.
Whether it is true or false, we’d like to fantasize a little, especially during this melancholic and sad time where good news seem utopian. 
Here’s a semi-serious guide to sweet Gigi’s sweetest expecting
The name
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What if Gigi has a thing for the name “Harry”? Or “Niall”, “Liam”, “Louis”? The directioners who are still waiting for a highly improbable reunion of the boyband of the 10s would literally go crazy, writing cheeky fanfictions and creating family photo collages. However, it looks like Gigi is going to have a baby girl. Bets on the name: out. Assumptions on the baby girl’s super chic wardrobe : in. 
What an aunt!
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Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid will be the coolest aunt&uncle of the entire humanity. Imagine being cuddled and raised up by these two creative and young personalities. And then there’s Dua Lipa, Anwar’s girlfriend and future aunt-to-be too. The worldwide popstar is also a close friend of Chiara Ferragni so we’d expect that sooner or later Baby Hadid and Leone Ferragni might become friends
The baby’s bedroom
While the Kardashian’s children play and dream in very essential and almost aseptic rooms, we do dream a completely different accommodation for Baby Hadid. The walls would be covered with a Wes Anderson-like picturesque wallpaper, the shelves covered with books and cute things. And what about a pony? Since the Hadid love horses, it certainly would be good to have one for the baby too. 
The photo book
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❤️ @voguemagazine by @mariotestino on stands in May!! xx

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We do still remember that beautiful Vogue photoshoot where Zayn and Gigi played the contemporary roles of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. They were so cool and essentially beautiful, a dreamy couple with a dreamy baby on the go. What about a future glossy photo session with Gigi and the baby (and Zayn too!). A fil rouge of beauty through their DNAs. 
The pregnancy
Sadly, we didn’t forget about the Hadid’s mother, the algid and severe Mrs Yolanda Hadid. She forbade her daughters to eat food and do sport in order to acquire that European thin body loved by the Italian and French maisons. We do not care about your size Gigi, you’ll always be a goddess to us, so enjoy your cake and your beautiful baby