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Federica, skii world has another queen

Brignone makes history: sixteen World Cup victories as Deborah Compagnoni

By Gierreuno

Federica Brignone was the first Italian skier to lift the overall World Cup to the sky last year and she is the first to equal the snow queen, Deborah the unattainable. With the success obtained in the super-G of Passo San Pellegrino, Fede has reached sixteen victories in the World Cup.

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Sixteen like those obtained by the greatest blue ever: her majesty Compagnoni, a champion who in the nineties brought Italy to unexplored peaks, giving us three Olympic golds and three world titles.

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Thirty-one years old in July, daughter of art - her mother is called Maria Rosa Quario, four successes in slalom in the Eighties - Federica Brignone did not have a lot of luck on the Olympic and world tracks. The only medals are a silver at the 2011 World Championships and a bronze at the 2018 Olympics, both in giant.

Last month in Cortina, she failed all targets and in a couple of circumstances she let herself go: saying everything she had to say. Words that did not go unnoticed and that unnerved the president of the winter sports federation: “There are those who talked too much” Flavio Roda hissed outlining the balance of an event from which we expected a lot and which instead gave us little: it was clear that he was referring to her.

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Fede, however, in addition to the long tongue, also has great class and above all the obstinacy of the champions: This season I killed myself with work, mentally I say: at the beginning I didn't ski well and the results didn't arrive. to do what I could in the competition in training and this threw me down. This time I had nothing to lose and I won”.

She did it by descending in a divine way, pushing like a damned, without making mistakes, without ever a smudge. A splendid performance, the result of the great talent that she carries with her and that hard head that has accompanied her since she was a child.

“I am very happy for Federica, she really deserves this beautiful victory obtained in Italy - Deborah Compagnoni told agencies -. Too bad she didn't manage to do well in the world championships, but this is sport ”.

A queen who bows in front of you must make a certain impression, especially if the bow is followed by a wish:This beautiful result will give her a lot of confidence - assured the former champion -. She has achieved my 16 victories and will definitely surpass them. I wish you to organize yourself well for the next seasons. She has really great possibilities for the overall World Cup because she has a lot of experience and above all she is one of the few multipurpose players that still exist”.

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Un post condiviso da Federica Brignone (@federicabrignone)

A recognition that has certainly left its mark on Federica. Before leaving Val di Fassa, she clearly said that the story to be written is long and that we must prepare to celebrate again: Having reached Deborah Compagnoni is a good goal, but it is not the last. My dreams are still many”.

So keep going like this!

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Un post condiviso da Federica Brignone (@federicabrignone)

The multiple winners of blue skiing:

Deborah Compagnoni 16 wins

Federica Brignone 16

Isolde Kostner 15

Sofia Goggia 11

Karen Putzer 8

Denise Karbon 6

Marta Bassino 5

Maria Rosa Quario 4

Claudia Giordani 3

Sabina Panzanini 3