Fabrizio Viti: six shoes icon for six films

The cult films that reminded us of the designer's accessories

By Jessica Marinetto

The relationship between the shoes created by the designer Fabrizio Viti and some scenes of cult films born in which the contemporaneity of the shoes and the overwhelming characters of the protagonists who wear them are born spontaneously.

The accessory reflects on the personality of the actor, becoming a weapon of seduction or destruction, giving the character an expression that highlights his role. The identity of the actor, in turn, has reinforced the peculiarity of the shoe. Seduction, nostalgia, privacy are aspects that are perceived by the models created by Viti and that we can rediscover through some scenes and that give us back these sensations.

Nina Slingback - Basic Instinct, 1992, directed by Paul Verhoeven

Iconic scene of the interrogation of Sharon Stone aka Catherine Tramell investigated for the murder of a retired rock star that she frequented. While smoking a cigarette, she continues to cross her legs, revealing she has no briefs and capturing the attention of the policemen, especially that of Nick played by Michael Douglas.

The safety and sensuality of Catherine Tramell are perceived by the gestures and intense gaze with which male dominates throughout the movie. A glacial woman, which is perfectly reflected in the white turtleneck dress, and in the oversize jacket she wears, both of the same length and leaving room for the actress's long legs and the pale pink slingback décolleté by Donna Karan.
The Nina Slingback by Viti, on the other hand, tells a more innocent but still aware sensuality, in which the heel is lowered and a bow is placed immediately after opening on the instep, to indicate that delicate border between purity and seduction.

Nina Platform – Taxi Driver, 1976, directed by Martin Scorzese

Jodie Foster, in the role of a baby prostitute named Iris Steensma, is subjugated by her protector. In a New York night he tries to escape from his fate and meets Robert De Niro in the role of a taxi driver tired of the moral degradation that surrounds him. Famous are the scenes in which Iris joins De Niro in some street meetings.

The nostalgia of a childhood stolen too soon is interpreted by a very young actress who knew how to immerse herself in such an ambivalent role. A woman in the body of a young girl, perceived by what she wears, by the wide-brimmed hat, as if to hide the young face. The top with roses, the mini shorts and a pair of red platforms with a cross bandage and ankle strap, worn for the duration of the film to show a greater age.
The Nina Platforms by Fabrizio Viti describe a more contemporary and refined story, the materials used range from lilac velvets to satin bicolors. A strap that wraps around the ankle and just above a rigid covered heel is the obsession of Viti for “look-at-me” bows.

Nina Pointed Toe Mini Mule - Marie Antoniette, 2006, directed by Sofia Coppola

Marie Antoinette played by Kristen Dunst is the future queen of France. He moved to Versailles and began a difficult relationship with the French label and costumes. He took refuge in friendships, amusements and parties until he betrayed the marital vows.
Incisive is the scene in which Marie Antoinette and her friends go shopping. Among precious pastel-colored fabrics, trimmings, and the choice of elegant mid-eighteenth-century shoes, the three friends eat sweets, drink champagne and play cards.
Purity clashes with the aristocratic splendor and here are the Nina Pointed Toe Mini Mule by Viti created to make the legs of the wearer look better. A luminous fabric and a bow that follows the footwear line immediately recall French elegance.

Vinyl Boots - Pretty Woman, 1990, directed by Gary Marshall

Iconica is the scene in which the protagonist goes out shopping, wearing a tight-fitting dress and black vinyl boots (those of the night before with Edward Lewis or Richard Gere).

The provocation and natural beauty of Julia Roberts reflect the most attractive part of every woman. Fabrizio Viti's Vinyl Boots are transformed and become current. The boot perfectly follows the line of the leg concealing it to the thigh. The heel is a Louis XV and is medium-high maintaining the elegance and classicism that distinguishes the designer's line.

Timless Mid Heel Bootie - Girl Interrupted, 1999, directed by James Mangold

Set in an asylum in the late 1960s, it is a film that brings out female support and friendship among women despite the difficulties of a mental illness. Angelina Jolie is Lisa, charismatic and sociopathic figure while Winona Ryder is Susanna, suffering from a personality disorder. Significant is the scene in which, after escaping from the asylum, they find shelter from a friend of Lisa's. Afterwards, a discussion in the kitchen between the landlady and Lisa will be accessed which will lead to tragic developments.

The frenzy of the character played by Angelina Jolie is perceived through the expressiveness she uses, a fragile woman who tries to force herself by bestowing it on her friends. The sense of domination transpires in the looks. T-shirts or tank tops combined with jeans, velvet trousers that leave room for pointed low boots that seem to remember that every woman remains sensual despite the problems.
Fabrizio Viti's Timless Mid Heel Bootie tells of a warrior woman. Crocodile leather and black edging define the subtle feminine silhouette.

Keaton Loafer - The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001, directed by Wes Anderson

Iconic are the scenes in which Margot appears, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, adopted daughter of the Tenebaum family. She is described as a reserved and silent woman but her figure is gradually discovered. She is a smoker, but nobody knows, she watches TV from inside the tank and is married to a neurologist. The boredom kills her for this she returns to the family home, where she will find her half-brothers but above all Richie of whom she is secretly infatuated.

Margot is synonymous with quiet and discretion, she always wears the same fur and brown moccasins that are relevant to any location by Wes Anderson. The Keaton Loafers by Fabrizio Viti describe a more formal story, a shoe that has always remained modern. The contrast of the black of the sole and the bow highlights the veining of the crocodile skin. A true combination of elegance and solemnity.