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Elon Musk: Slam your bluff on the front page

By Gianfranco Gatta

The acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk is the most clicked topic on social media and disclosed by all the media, after the war in Ukraine. It is not only for the incredible amount of the offer, 44 billion dollars but above all for the ambiguity of the character who proposes it, Elon Musk in fact.

For about three months there has been no day that an alleged new news, a weekly cover, dozens of rumors on social media are spread in a disorderly manner, thrown into the feed to public opinion, as bait for fish. It is not known if the readers bite at this bait, but from the latest data of press sales that sees a further drop of 10%, the topic seems to interest very little. 

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In reality it appears as a settlement of accounts between several factions of financial interest; a bit like in the days of Vito Corleone, when we were preparing for war between families, "putting sacks on windows".

On the other hand, the adventure of Musk finds its epic thanks to an evocative title: "PayPal Mafia", coined by the magazine "Forbes" in 2007, to indicate the philosophy of its thirteen founders who changed the world of internet, services, transport and space travel: "Get inspiration from each other to realize their projects, contaminate each other to create new digital ecosystems, ride the Silicon Valley revolution of the 2000s and finally be inspired by the common will to change the course of human history, with an ambition and a hunger for success that goes beyond imagination."

Of these thirteen "head of the family" Musk is the most powerful with an estimated patrimony of 9.7 billion dollars and if you think that if you live in the Upper Side of Manhattan with a patrimony of 50/70 million dollars you are judged as a poor man, you get the measure of which "firepower" set this newbie Scrooge.

It is immediately obvious that this power is not enough to offer about four times as much for the acquisition of Twitter, but the narrative on the character Musk has focused mainly on the "Upper Side Gossip Girl", just to paraphrase a well-known television series. Of course, with the complicity of Musk himself!

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And here are the revealed quarrels with Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates; the liaison over his wife, not least Amber Heard ex-wife of Johnny Depp, in these times in all the media due to a millionaire divorce. To then move on to the shadows of racism to be raised in South Africa, in a privileged white condition; to rumors, with usual democratic alarm, which would mean to give voice to Donald Trump, already excluded from Twitter. Until you get to the eternal question of radical chic (Tom Wolf dixit!): "Is Elon Musk right or left?" And here, for those who have itching interest, you can indulge in reading the theories as pleasant as useless by a plethora of commentators belonging, ca va sans dir, to the "Gauche Caviar".

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Remaining in the land of France, one can take the opportunity to quote Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: "The property, c'est le vol?" A question that the world of finance is wary of clarifying. The Chinese boxes, where huge capitals accumulate and hide, have replaced the forts protected by sandbags. 

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If in the "good salons" of the industrial society of the twentieth century, the shares were "weighed, not counted" (Enrico Cuccia, dixit), today in the financial world the one to "weigh" is the time, that is the speed with which the information is acquired and consequently the operations are closed. That’s why three months to buy Twitter is equivalent to a geological era, a time frame unthinkable for a takeover bid (public bid) to be successful.

It must have been noticed (!) the same SEC, the body of control of the Wall Street stock exchange, if after two months she started to investigate the fluctuations of the title of Tesla, the core business of the Musk galaxy, which without explaining here complicated technicalities, assumes serious crimes of speculation.

And here the bluff is revealed: Elon Musk declares "momentarily suspended" the operation, in practice "It is over recreation" (Carlo de Benedetti, dixit)! 

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