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Elodie x Sephora

A makeup capsule collection that combines sophistication and glamorous pop

By Giulia Lucci

About a year after the birth of this collab, Sephora and Elodie, a young Roman singer, are pleased to announce the release of their capsule collection.

Elodie told the genesis of the project supported by the official voice of Radio Deejay: Diego Passoni.

To celebrate the long-awaited collaboration, Sephora has organized a streaming event on Thursday 14 January which will be possible to participate by connecting on different platforms, such as:, on the youtube channel or on the facebook page of the brand itself. During the live show Elodie, together with Diego Passoni, will explain this collaboration in detail.

Following the brief interview with the singer, from the back stage of the event, make-up Artist Mr Daniel Makeup will reveal to viewers all the secrets behind Elodie's looks and illustrate the different palettes that will be part of the capsule collection.

Two palettes, one for the eye and one for the face, a set of brushes and a lipstain, all very basic and chic at the same time, easy to use and very versatile. Mr Daniel Makeup will show how to make the same makeup versatile and suitable for any occasion.

The entire collection fully reflects Elodie's character and eclectic style. The singer wanted to create something that represented her with the help of the Sephora Collection expertise. A lot of passion and will on the part of Elodie allowed the excellent success of the collaboration.

The success could only be the best since the singer herself admitted that she is very much reflected in Sephora's values: inclusiveness, fun, but also continuous research and passion for her work.

It was very important for Elodie that this project would be personal, for the eye palette the singer chose each name of the different shades. Names of some of the most important people in Elodie's life, private and otherwise, especially of women who have accompanied her on the path of growth and empowerment.

Both palettes are made up of very different shades, from the more nude ones that “speak of my origins” as she says, to brighter and more charged colors that “break the rules”.

But it was not just the choice of colors that interested the Roman singer, nothing was to be left to chance. Even the packaging has its own origin, the design in fact takes inspiration from a collage made by Claudia Marthe Mitai, Elodie's mother, who was able to capture all the nuances of her daughter's soul, everything is entirely signed by Elodie.

The Elodie x Sephora collection is available on from 8 January and in the Sephora stores from 15 January, before buying it all you have to do is connect on Thursday 14 at 19.00 to discover all the secrets of this latest collaboration, there will be surprises.



Image: Sephora Press Office