It's official: in 2020 a new season of Gossip Girl will arrive

What will happen in New York eight years after the end of the series?

By acrimonia

This winter, Netflix gave us a wonderful gift, uploading all the seasons of the most beloved series of all time on the portal. Hbo, however, decided to make us one even bigger one. In the spring of 2020, in fact, new unreleased episodes of Gossip Girl will arrive. On the border between the spin-off and the sequel the new episodes will tell what happened in New York eight years after the end of the beloved series.

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However, alas, there will not be the actors of the original cast and we all ask ourselves how we will make this decision of the production company... The 10 new episodes will deepen the main theme that characterized Gossip Girl: the crazy connection with the web. At the time, however, there were still no Facebook but especially Instagram, so we will see the relationship with the social networks of Manhattan well with social media and maybe even some cyber-bullying incidents. We can't wait to see all the episodes of the series in one bite. Meanwhile, stay tuned for all the news!