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It's almost autumn: your dog wants a new wardrobe too

Temellini Dog à Porter, sartorial brand for four-legged friends, joins WOOLRICH for an exclusive and sustainable collection

By Fabiola Graziosi

Dog owners, I turn to you (and me), let's be honest: who has never wanted to dress their dog with a wardrobe that could match a bit their own?

Perhaps a desire for some that does not conform to what nature would like but, we are ourselves (and our dogs) part of nature itself, aren’t we?

The news for this autumn is the collection for dogs born from the union of the tailoring brand Temellini Dog à Porter and WOOLRICH. The idea was to start from historical garments of the hottest brand on the planet and revisit them in a canine key thanks to Temellini's experience. 

The result was two parkas padded with recycled wadding, two raincoats and the iconic Ramar Cloth.

As for the sustainable aspect of the capsule (because we can't not talk about it), all the materials involved in the formation of the project, from fabrics to labels, are recycled materials. Long live to circular economy.

The wonderful initiative of WOOLRICH and Temellini Dog à Porter could only have had a campaign portraying dogs + owners.

“Who let the dogs out?”


Credit Images: Woolrich Press Office