What is the perfect sky slopes style?

The winter catwalks are officially open

By Giorgia Festi

The winter holidays are here and in the mountain resorts the first rows begin to be bought to buy the ski passes. The snowy peaks are colored with the sportsmen of the season who show off their ski suits between one slalom and the other, making the white slopes of the perfect winter catwalks.

In the 1920s, when snow sports began to spread, there was no clothing created specifically for such low temperatures, therefore women and men used heavy wool and tweed garments, creating warm but impractical layers. It was Klaus Overmeyer, ski instructor and entrepreneur who, in the middle of the last century, revolutionized this clothing by introducing the first padded parkas and following mirrored sunglasses, nylon shirts, boots, etc...

During the same period, Colmar, a renowned Italian sports brand, started its first sponsorship with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, destined to last from 1948 to 1992.

So how to be cool on the slope?

In itself the ski suit must be simple and practical and that is why when we buy one, whether it is whole or in several pieces, we must first of all choose the fabric, the colors and the patterns that will make us recognizable but with style.

A black jumpsuit is never out of place but you can choose to break it with a colored jacket as Claire Rose did who combined the black trousers with a mustard-colored Moncler outerwear, tight at the waist and with the detail of the fringes. With her on the slopes, model Emily DiDonato with a Moncler but oversized jacket, in velvet and in the same blue of her glacial eyes. Who is not a lover of black can opt for a total white look, one of the key colors of winter 2020. Josefine HJ with his white ski suit, super tight and signed Dsquared, is the example of how this color can make elegant a sports garment. In this case Josefine combines Moon Boot, the famous snow boots to collect one by one. Whether they are all over or single designs, even patterns are always an excellent option to make snow clothes more lively and extravagant. Blanca Miró Scrimieri drew attention with her red jumpsuit covered with white and blue stars by Perfect Moment, a brand that depopulated on the web last winter after Chiara Ferragni wore a coordinate on the Siusi Alps.

What will be the top brands of the 2020 ski weeks?

In addition to the aforementioned Colmar and Moncler we invite you to take into account the shiny quilts of Ienki_Ienki that are making the rounds of the web. The other outerwear not to be underestimated are by LU MEI London who is making unique and perfect upholstery to color the snowy slopes. Rossignol is also a valid candidate, his ski suits are already famous among fans of this sport but what makes it interesting are the collaborations he makes with various brands: among the items to have there are those belonging to the collection with Castelbajac where fashion, art and sport come together perfectly. Finally, even the most renowned fashion houses, such as Prada and Chanel, are making their own versions of ski suits. Last season it was Fendi who darted on the snow with monogram stripes along the arms and legs, so let's wait to see which brand will make the high fashion ski suit for this high altitude winter!