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A chat with Astronza, the astrologer who gives an ironic twist to a profound discipline

Born in the sign of Virgo, Fabiana deals with birth chart reading, consulting and astrological cabaret


“Post-anatomical astrology. Precarious lives. Cosmic misfortunes. Epochal turning points and infamous destinies.”, a title that leaves little room for interpretation. Astronza has her own way of doing astrology, based mainly on the desire to divulge knowledge of the theme through an entertaining note. 

When we meet, the reason for his pseudonym immediately jumps out at us. The Roman-ness of the character dominates and the bitchiness is that extra (positive eh...) character that goes perfectly with her sarcastic attitude.

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Let's begin. 

Hi Fabiana, why do you call yourself Astronza?

The name comes from my sister, she is the artist in the family. I used to work in the office and preach the horoscope to my circle of friends. She told me “let's set up a site on astrology and call you Astronza, so you start doing this thing seriously.” 

But why Astronza?

It comes from my blunt way of speaking - the truth, you know, is bitchy.

What are the most common stereotypes that orbit around astrology?

The concept of compatibility between zodiac signs. To understand whether a relationship is good or bad, it is not enough to rely on the sun.

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Tell us about the Astronza project, why and how did it come about? How is it held together?

Once upon a time, at the beginning of the new millennium, there was a group of artists, lovers of music, theatre, dance and drawing who contaminated my spirit and pushed me into the world of entertainment. From that moment on, whatever happened in my life, Astronza has always stood. It has been an incentive for me to make it my only profession. I am working on it... 

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Of course I do. I believe in it because it can give indications. General, but indications nonetheless. I admire horoscopists who write daily horoscopes - hard work. 

I am a passionate ignoramus of zodiac signs, character similarities, ascendants. Do you think I should delve deeper?

I always advise those with a passion to delve deeper. Many of my workshops are filled with interested people who begin to acquire deeper knowledge through study. So, yes, absolutely.

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An astrologer or astrologer you follow?

I follow several. I am passionate about AKASH - Astrologia in movimento, writes a collective horoscope, she does not focus on individual signs. For me he is very good. 

There are also exemplary women, Lidia Fassio, Liz Greene. Unfortunately, a bad vice of the mainstream media is to make mainly male characters the protagonists. A legacy of a patriarchal society that must be fought.

Do you work with social media or is your activity mainly offline?

Social for Astronza meant the real breakthrough. The funny thing is that initially I hated Facebook, after a few years I realised I had to make it my ally. But my real staple is the website, which has existed since day one.

A question you've never been asked and would like to be asked?

I am not a fan of questions.

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Un post condiviso da Astronza (@astronza_)

What can I say, long live Astronza!

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