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Where there is music there is life: interview with Chicco Giuliani by Radio Deejay

Born in Bologna, sly smile, curious eyes and spoken confident tone reassuring, Chicco Giuliani is dj, journalist and one of the voices of Radio Deejay.


Music has accompanied man since the dawn of time and has always been defined as a universal language. Music is innovation, adherence or rebellion to fashions, anthem of different cultures, strength, despair and passion. Music can be screamed or whispered, but how you do it and how you sing it holds a secret, an often personal message that becomes universal

Music helps to overcome difficult moments, seals unique moments, excites and calms, in other words it is a great ally for any situation in life. But above all making music is an art so seductive that fascinates both those who produce it as well as those who listen to it and since at the threshold of Sanremo we do nothing but talk about music, we did it with an exceptional character.

Born in Bologna, sly smile, curious eyes and spoken confident tone reassuring, Chicco Giuliani is dj, journalist and one of the voices of Radio Deejay.

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He made his radio debut at the age of 17 in Bologna a city that in the 90s still had a thriving radio scene, a Bologna that since the 70s was the city of music where everyone had the knack of making radio and when we ask him to remember those years he answers: "For me it was pure magic. Imagine a boy of 16/17 years, with the dream of the radio that, slowly, approaches this long-desired world"

But do not finish a nostalgic, Francesco, for all Chicco, is satisfied with how radio have evolved and have become real companies that bill millions of euros, compared to before where everyone improvised "publishers".

I believe that in radio we need professionals in every role and throughout the supply chain. And this is true, or should be true, even for those who approach this world as a conductor/ entertainer/ speaker: it takes respect for the medium, the radio should never be made with your left hand, even and especially if you come from other worlds.

How has music in general changed from your debut to today? Now you follow the logic of the market, and before ? 

There has always been a lot of music around, good and less good, including crap. You just have to know how to choose it well, whether you choose it for your personal listening or you do it for the programming of a radio. 

Also the market logics of the moment have always been well present in those who produce and in those who produced music, today as then. He hasn’t changed much. The only difference between the past and what we see/ hear today is the great democracy of the web: technology has leveled everything down, and this unfortunately applies to almost all fields of art. The historical moment we are going through is not the best for those who want to be artists. But there are those who resist... quality must be sought, because there is. Even in the music.

Attention to new platforms is mandatory and music makers cannot afford to escape certain dynamics what do you think?  

TikTok, Instagram and beautiful company are audiences that make throat and can really change the story of a piece. With the consequence, however, that listening to them has become very fast and distracted: a few seconds are enough to kidnap us or to make us shake the screen of the phone. If we think of social fruition, the "virality" of a piece often prescinds from the chrism with which it is produced. Precisely for this reason the discriminating of chance and chance play a fundamental role in the success of a song. This aspect has always existed, but today more, thanks to the web and social. It takes ear but above all a**!

In other words, do you push less on the accelerator or do you risk the hand brake pulled?

Once you get a hit right, it repeats endlessly the same structure/ drafting of the piece. Curious how the waveforms of so many successful tracks are practically always the same: this means that you tend to work on clichés, pass me the term. 

There are fewer and fewer ideas and more and more use to samples of the tracks of the past, simple quotes and/ or covers included. I am referring above all to electronic music and dance/pop productions, even if on second thought other genres are not immune to them. You prefer to draw mostly from the past so as not to risk. 

However, as usual, there are exceptions that confirm the rule: someone who takes a risk sometimes comes up, and should be rewarded for it. An already felt atmosphere or a sample, if well valued, can embellish a song, but the use of the same must be smart and not trivial. I love quotes and sampling! But their effectiveness always depends on how they are used.

All clear Chicco but who will win Sanremo?

The best"! Is that the answer? (Laughs, ed). 

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We pass it to you Chicco, also because the winner will be a guest on Radio and better not to unbalance themselves but wait to enjoy the healthy days with enthusiasm and optimism, on the other hand where there is music there is life. 



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios

Photo by Gabriele Galimberti for Radio Deejay