Desigual loves Maria Escoté

The Spanish brand presents its new capsule inspired by the 90s

By Claudia Matrisciano

She met the Spanish brand Desigual about 20 years ago while walking through the streets of her hometown, Barcelona, and since then it has been love at first sight.

The colors, the creative patterns, different from the canonical styles of the fashion world, inspired her to become a designer.

This is the love for color that led Maria Escoté to be the new protagonist of the capsule collection by Desigual.

Internationally renowned designer, with a colourful approach and 90s vibrations, she arrives on the mainstream scene and on the red carpet dressing celebrities like Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

Today, for the first time, she designs an entire capsule for the Spanish brand inspired by the urban world, the 90s and floral patterns.

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Welcome to the Flower shop and discover the collaboration with @maria_escote : A collection full of blooming flowers, polka dots and inspiring manga messages. Are you ready to bloom? #DesigualxMariaEscote

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Welcome, then, in the new “flower shop” of Desigual! Stretch fabrics, polka dots, flowers, techno colors and 90s are the must for autumn, which, perhaps, for the first time goes beyond the simple colors, approaching increasingly modern concepts and in step with the trends of the moment.

There are references to the Japanese world of manga, with bright color language combined with floral motifs, more fluo colors to flow into a techno universe. The flowers in shades of pink, red, black, lilac give an energy boost.

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Dots delirium: Polka dots and flowers dresses to feel good over and over again 🌹 #DesigualxMariaEscote Photo by @alejandro_sonoro Styled by @nirave Muah by @jordifontanalsbeauty Model: @guindideguindilla

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Even the concept of urban makes the collection new and up-to-date, in which we try to get closer to a more contemporary style and also close to the world of the youngest, from the generation Z to that of the millenials. In short, an image and a completely new code that maintains its energy, passion and positivity.

Even the choice of models for the advertising campaign point to the desire to get closer to an increasingly teen audience. The protagonists are, Guindilla, Spanish model star of the last video clip of Mick Jagger and Clara Berry, also model, lately the center of gossip for her relationship with the protagonist of the TV series “Riverdale”, KJ Apa.

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Kawaii Dream: Ready for a manga experience full of inspiring messages? 💖 #DesigualxMariaEscote

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New image and new horizons also for Desigual, who tries, in this moment of strong transition, to change not only his way of seeing himself, but also to see the world.

The new capsule is now available in all Desigual stores and online on desigual.com.

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Make your day bloom with this tracksuit like @clara.berry #DesigualxMariaEscote

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