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Dans Les Rues: the brand reborn during the lockdown

From the virtual collaboration between Martina Mancini and Giorgio Ciccone

By Claudia Matrisciano

During this 2020 we realized how much we needed cheer, lightheartedness, happiness and color.

We have realized how fundamental these elements are in our lives and in our daily life. But above all, we understood how much a single gesture or simple object can change our mood.

There are many projects and collaborations born in this unstable 2020, brands, from the smallest to the largest, have begun to understand that more visions and ideas can make a difference and be an added value. In Italy we were intrigued by the story of the birth of an eclectic and talented collaboration, namely the one between Martina Mancini and the art director Giorgio Ciccone.

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Martina founded in 2011 “Dans Les Rues”, a sparkling and above all super chic jewelry and accessories brand. During the lockdown he started thinking about giving a twist to his brand and so he contacted Giorgio Ciccone to relaunch it.

From here began a dialogue for the creation of a collection, designed by both and without ever meeting, if not virtually.

This is a fundamental element. The modus operandi through which the project was born wants to be, in fact, an example of breaking the mold, of willpower, of courage, to demonstrate, especially to young people, the importance of never giving up, of believing in one's dreams, and in their own ideas, regardless of the moment and the difficulties.

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From the fruit of this over-the-air design, a collection was born that is inspired by the fabulous 80s, with disco and pop influences. The shapes, the colors are the real strength of the collection, especially the colors, fluorescent, luminous hues that give joy and hope at the same time.

Another fundamental feature is that these jewels have no barriers, they are in fact completely no gender accessories, which can be worn by anyone at any time of the day. In addition, each piece is entirely made in Italy, in Vicenza to be precise, in 925 silver plated with 18kt gold, with lacquers and enamels and AAA cubic zirconia stones.