From nanny Francesca's fanatics to control freaks like Charlotte from Sex and The City: that's why everyone could wear a Shrimps fur coat

Ecological, don't worry!

By Fabiola Graziosi

I'm in the charming English countryside and between a relaxing horseback ride and the five o 'clock tea I find myself thinking: "What could I wear for dinner tonight with my friend Liz?".

(Liz stands for Elizabeth Bennet, see you every Thursday when Mr. Darcy decides to go for a ride).

However, the increasingly harsh climate requires me to think of something to cover myself, a jacket, a coat or why not a fur coat (ecological don't worry!).

So I ask my best friends for help, telling them how crazy I am for Shrimps, an English brand founded by Hannah Weiland, originally from, guess where? Wilshire, a pretty English county, probably came to Austen's dream over and over again.

So I asked to look at them very well, to worship them as if they were goddesses and after that to tell me which one they would wear... hoping that this would clarify my ideas.

Francesca, who is a nanny in life, told me: “If you wear a fur coat, you have to surprise. It must be wide, flashy and must scream: heyyyyyy I'm here!"

Franci aka The Granny's would have chosen LORCA COAT

But I am not convinced. I love to scream but not so loud, so I called my friend Lindsay, who makes a mess of it... but more silent.

"Babe, I'm a jail moment, but Paris is paying the bail, so I'll give you 10 minutes. If I were you I would wear a single-colored fur (make it become the color of the evening after your entrance) and short. You will have to unleash not?!?"

Lindsay, who when she is not busy doing wickedness to Regina George, is called Miss Lohan would have chosen ZIO JACKET - DENIM

Unsatisfied and a little nervous (it's getting late and five o'clock tea has passed) I decide to contact Charlotte.

Being a control freak by definition, it will surely give me the decisive advice for my choice.

"Sweety pie, how are you? I'm really glad you called me. I also love Shrimps furs and I can't but recommend you the pink one from the 60s silhouette. Now I have to leave you, I have a cake in the oven. Don't forget the headband!"

Charlie, a New York registry office manager, Charlotte Goldenblatt, best friend of Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes, would have undoubtedly chosen BARBARA COAT

I'm starting to think we're in, Charlotte is a security, she really helped me. Pink and bon ton, just like I like it.

But I want to be a hundred percent of my fur this evening. Liz will have to be stunned.

So I decide to bother the unique and inimitable icon of personal style that I have ever had. Her name is Diana, she has a soul as complicated as it is simple. Her class, I'm sorry friends, is unparalleled.

I will not report his words, I do not feel up to it. D told me, however, to opt for something with a noble soul, simple appearance and precious details. Like her.

Diana, whom you will all know very well as Lady D would have chosen PEGASUS COAT

-Good!- I think inside of me. I have the choice.

Suddenly, however, I wake up. I'm in Milan in my bed (and unfortunately not in an English cottage), it's 8:00 am and I'm incredulous that I've just had a conversation with Lady Diana Spencer, albeit in a dream.

Not that the other meetings have been less, but you know my weak person well.

Thanks Diana!

Tonight I'll know what to wear and you?