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Covid, vaccines on vacation: the Italian regions are ready

The Bel Paese is preparing for the summer season in safety with a program of administration in all holiday resorts

By Camilla Alcini

With the arrival of vaccines, the possibility of going on vacation has once again materialized before the eyes of Italians. However, this year too, a different summer than usual is expected. Many people, still uncertain about the situation created by the pandemic, have decided not to leave. Others, those who are planning some vacation, may have to organize themselves with vaccines in the holiday resorts.

This discussion was initiated by the regions a few weeks ago, but only today the modalities for each region are being defined in practice, once again seeking a balance between regional autonomy and state power. Francesco Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner, explained: "If anyone thinks they cannot come back to request the commitment to make sure that the second dose can be done in another region where they spend their vacation".

Many regions have already equipped themselves to host tourists and offer them the first or second dose of the vaccine. In Lignano Sabbiadoro, for example, in a week it will be possible to get vaccinated in the new hub set up for the occasion in the municipal gym, announced the vice president with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi. The location is strategic due to the presence of many foreign tourists who want to spend the summer in Italy.

In a similar way, Puglia, which will be in the white zone from Monday, is developing an administration campaign for those who will spend their holidays in the region. The management will be in the hands of Pierluigi Lopalco, regional councilor for health.

Then there is the Campania of De Luca, with its jewels along the coast that every year attract tourists not only from all over Italy but from all over the world. A month ago the island of Capri was declared Covid-free thanks to vaccines, followed shortly after by Ischia and joining the already immunized Procida.

De Luca deliberately gave priority to tour operators, providing for an important restart at the start of the summer season which would have required the utmost precaution. The mayor of Capri, Marino Lembo, recently declared: “A holiday resort like ours cannot fail to offer this service.

There are guests who have villas and who reside in Capri for up to three months in a row. Well, we must offer these people, with the collaboration of ASL Napoli1, the opportunity to get vaccinated if they have not done so in the country where they permanently reside. It is an additional service that we want to offer in terms of safety”.

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The Sardinia of Solinas declares itself equally ready and equipped. To enter the region it is already mandatory to present a negative swab and a “Sardegna Sicura” form similar to a self-certification.

However, the governor also requests other guarantees: "Regions that have a strong fluctuation in attendance from a tourist point of view must have the guarantee that the commissioner management is able to guarantee the quantity of doses sufficient so that the inoculation of vaccines to tourists is not at a disadvantage of the Sardinians who have to do the recall or the first inoculation ".

Since Sardinia also provides for an international influx, the compensation work should not be limited to the Italian regions but should include the states, especially the EU ones.

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Finally, Sicily, another favorite destination, welcomes the green light fi Figliuolo: "This is yet another demonstration of the good collaboration between the Regions and the commissioner structure.

After smaller islands, mountain communities and under 50 age groups, we can say that Sicily has led the way. Now we'll get to work right away. Those who come to Sicily for the summer will have an extra opportunity ", are the words of the regional councilor for health Ruggero Razza.

The southern island also aims to balance the doses if the flow of tourists is, as expected, very abundant.

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Italy is now truly ready for holidays in safety, whatever the location in the Bel Paese where we will be lucky enough to spend them.