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COVID in TV, ormai siamo al trionfo della vana gloria.

Un'infinità di errori nella gestione dell'informazione della pandemia

By Gianfranco Gatta

It is clear that in the management of the pandemic, which officially began in February 2020 but actually in the autumn of 2019, as ascertained by the alarms of many family doctors, an infinite number of mistakes have been made.

And it is human as well as inevitable, having to face something unknown; it remains to be ascertained whether some of these errors were intentional through fraud for profit; although a parliamentary commission of inquiry has not yet been set up, the judiciary will investigate.

Just as it is equally clear that the most macroscopic error concerns information, at all levels: political, scientific and even more serious, the mass media.

Politics, instead of uniting in the face of a world pandemic, has done nothing but split on inexplicably opposing positions, only to collect a few more votes, reaching solutions through downward mediations, as evidenced by the latest decision taken by the government on the limitation the reinforced green pass, only from 6 December to 15 January for the white areas; as if the virus, after that date, disappeared by magic.

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We continue to witness shameful speculations for a civilized country.

Among all the errors made by the scientific community, in terms of communication, there was at the beginning that assertive, arrogant attitude to be exhibited in a “working in progress” phase; from the WHO, to the Scientific Technical Committee, passing through the various Drug Agencies, ridiculous blunders were taken, to say the least, such as the uselessness of masks, the war on tampons, up to the AstraZeneca case that even a child understood was just a business war.

Regarding the third dose, “booster” for the educated, immunologist Francesco Le Foche, with unfailing confidence, states: «The “booster” dose greatly prolongs immunity: it is the one that normally, in the case of all vaccinations, makes you immune to disease. That's why we need to focus on the third dose: it could be the final lash to the virus ».

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Meanwhile, in Israel, the only real world laboratory, the fourth dose is already being studied!

But the role of the media is the most unsuccessful in the field of communication. They chased the so-called “patient zero” for months, as not even for Messina Denaro, without investigating the alarms of family doctors, who since September / October of 2019, as already mentioned, reported strange pneumonia.

They criminalized runners who ran alone on the beach or in the park, exalting the images of drones as the police chased them, as if they were not even terrorists on the run. Dozens of virologists, inebriated by the unexpected limelight, fueled sterile and misleading polemics, all in the name of the Auditel, have made showmanship.

Above all, the TVs have facilitated the "strategy of fear" imposed by the Conte bis government. In the face of the watchdogs of power, to put it to Totò!

Almost all the media have turned into party megaphones, succeeding in the impossible: to divide science into left and right, like not even the worst Gaber.

They did not ask themselves any questions, much less pursued any investigative lead, on probable scams linked, just to mention the most striking, to the supply of masks, gowns, tampons, intensive care and miraculous creations of Covid pavilions in improvised emergency rooms; they limited themselves to passing the papers of the Press Agencies, provided by the judiciary.

It is not necessary to be a scientist or an accountant to understand that in the count of hospitalized and dead due to Covid19 something does not add up since for each hospitalized the Regions pay the hospitals about 2,500 euros a day. the greatest opportunities to get rich, both lawfully and illegally.

In one of his recent pieces, the television critic Aldo Grasso, in the “Corriere della Sera”, headlined: “I would like a week without no vax on television. Not by chance. What we have been witnessing for a few weeks on television is something that goes beyond the simple consensus of Auditel: it concerns self-satisfaction and the apex of the vain glory of those who lead.

Even the very fact of inviting “the usual colleagues to comment on whatever, makes the pulse of how self-centered and self-referential the category of journalists. But with the excuse of politically correct, continue to invite no vax voices, who constantly attack and threaten doctors, bartenders, teachers and journalists themselves, on the pretext that dissent is allowed and legitimate is a criminal association.

Yes, because many of these gentlemen commit criminal acts and must be called for what they are: criminals. And they must be repressed according to the code of criminal procedure, without ifs and buts.

But ... there is more. To demonstrate how democratic and open to dialogue they are, some conductors invite “devalued  who in the name of God assert that the devil is hidden in vaccines, at which point the conductors “fall from the pear tree” closing the connection.

If they were unaware of these extreme positions, they fired the entire editorial staff. Without mentioning names, for goodness sake of Patria, this happened in a Talk Show in the morning and in the evening, the same network, the “devalued” guest was a guest in an evening Talk.

And then they invoke deontology!