Not your ordinary Saint Valentine’s Day #couplegoals

What kind of couple are you?

By Alessandra Nava

Awwww Saint Valentine’s Day: the flowers, the sweet treats, the cheeky lingerie, the romantic dinners, the scented candles...
Is it too much stereotypical/glucose-y for you? Probably a little. Anyway, in these days movies and series have contributed to shape new uncharted couple stories who are everything but not a cliché.
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I miss these days and these kids ❤️

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The bittersweet yet tender love which bounds James and Alyssa, the two protagonists of “The End of the F***ing World”, a Netflix’s excellent production, is the less ordinary thing ever. He is a sociopath, she’s probably even crazier than him; and yet, their genuinely delicate and complicated story of love (and hate) made bleak diners, English scones and tacky bridal gowns the most romantic things ever.
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The same goes for the fascinating couples’ kaleidoscope presented in “Sex Education”, another excellent series. There’s Otis and Maeve, who secretly love each other, but keep on messing up, choosing the wrong time for the perfect confessions (how true is this?). There’s also the tender relationship between Adam and Eric, two dysfunctional lovebirds, and there are Ola and Lily, who explore their sexuality in a very realistic, fun and non-judgmental way.
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"It’s such a beautiful story that celebrates humanity in just a very unexpected kind of way.” Consider #JojoRabbit✌️

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"Jojo Rabbit" is a powerful movie that talks about love through the dramatic lens of Nazism. Jojo’s relationship with Elsa, the “Jew girl in the wall” who slowly becomes his platonic love, gives him butterflies in the stomach. This vibrant and vital feeling would make him discuss everything he knew since that moment, and this sweet tender and (im)possible love story contains the mystery of love.
We wish you to live this love not only on Saint Valentine’s Day, but every single day of your life.