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What do I wear for Christmas?

Tradition that never goes out of style


The years pass and the Christmas tradition evolves, but the Christmas sweater remains a certainty. One winter after another, the sweaters of each brand are dyed with colors and designs relating to the holiday to accompany us during the holidays.

Christmas sweaters date back to the early 1900s, when skiers in Norway began to use heavy wool sweaters to protect themselves from the cold. Over time, their sweaters began to be dyed with prints and colors, becoming the typical garment of the winter season. The Christmas sweater as we know it today, arrives in everyday life in the 60s when in the most famous British television programs, the presenters wore sweaters with Christmas prints. However, many associate the boom of this garment to the famous film “Diario di Bridget Jones” in 2001, when the protagonist met Mark Darcy dressed in a green sweater and a reindeer embroidered on it.

To date, the Christmas sweater has become a must-have in all respects and fashion brands have made it a trendy garment. Poinsettias, themed writings and snowflakes intertwine in colors, flounces and patterns in the Vicolo sweaters, suitable for both Christmas lunch and an everyday look.

Alanui offers fringed cardigans in woven knit that, despite the obvious reference to the holidays, maintain the style of the brand and the sophisticated soul of the garment. Ralph Lauren plays on colors and combines them with timid Christmas symbols; its sweaters, witnesses of quality, will accompany the holidays making you feel in an English cottage with intrinsic elegance.

Blumarine also enhances the noble soul of its garments, through Swarovski embedded in the sweater to form points of light, its fine garments are the perfect solution for those who want to buy a sweater suitable for the whole season.

Every year at Christmas, young and old, we are committed to being better and Elodie's initiative with OVS puts us to the test. This year, the singer and the well-known brand have created Christmas sweaters, the proceeds of which will go to the Save The Children association, a project that gives us the opportunity to end a difficult year with a gesture of love.