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Converse x Bandulu: the world of basketball meets that of streetwear

Six years after their last collaboration, the two brands once again surprise us

By Giulia Lucci

In 2015 they created a collection that combined the Converse basketball world with that of streetwear linked to the Bandulu brand. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a brand that strongly believes in upcycling and craftsmanship. Bandulu takes quality vintage dresses and rejuvenates the life in them through hand-made embellishments.

In fact, their style stems from a need, that of finding a solution to cover the imperfections on their garments, a typical problem of the fashion system, addressing the issue with a single solution: embroidery. Bandulu garments feature entirely handmade embroideries that give the product an extra touch both in terms of aesthetics and manufacturing quality.

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Converse had already been intrigued some time ago by their creations, for 2021 the brands will show off a new collection that enhances their styles to the fullest.

This latest collaboration includes a reinterpretation of the classic Pro Leather and Chuck 70 models, but also accessories and clothing.

While staying true to its classic line, the Pro Leather perfectly incorporates Bandulu's design language, applying its signature patent-embroidered details on the toe and lateral and medial sides of the leather upper, without neglecting the discreet Converse x Bandulu co-branding logo visible on the heel and on the insole.

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The Chuck 70 is presented with a reinterpretation of the original model, covered with a Cappuccino-colored upper and with droplets of paint embroidered along its midsole and canvas upper, in this case the co-branding is present on the tongue and on the sockliner while the signature plate on each heel is done in Geranium Pink, which recalls the sketches on the sole.

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For the clothing section Converse and Bandulu were inspired by the colors of 2021, the apparel part is in fact composed of a hooded sweatshirt with embroidered chenille graphics, basketball shorts with embroidered brand and paint drop graphics on both legs and a t-shirt with the Star Chevron embroidered on the right sleeve.

But the real "gem" of this collection are the accessories. Converse and Bandulu this year present a full-size basketball bag, also in Hood color, that can be stored inside.

The collaboration between Converse and Bandulu is yet another success of these two brands, available globally starting February 11 on, and at selected retailers.




Image: Converse Press Office