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The past and the present: Italian music OGs and brand new superstars bring their forces together for the coolest featurings

It all started with Raffaella…

By Alessandra Nava

Maybe it is just because of Raffaella Carràs recent and devastating loss, but if I have to think of an artistic collaboration between yesterday's singers and contemporary deejays I immediately think of the crackling remix "Far l'Amore”, re-edited by Bob Sinclair, who brought back Raffaella’s contagious enthusiasm and legendary persona.

Once again, it was her, in a 2011 that seems very far away, to open the dance to a new pop genre that sees the glories of yesterday collaborate with the freshest names of these days. Could it be a coincidence that, again in 2011, but a few months later, Lady Gaga ventured into the world of jazz, starting a very fortunate partnership with swing legend Tony Bennet? Their cover of "The Lady is a Tramp" gave way to fantastic concerts and albums, with the unconscious blessing from Raffaella.

Since then, the Italian scene was unleashed in the mix of notes and rhymes between the glories of the past and the new stars of today. Boomdabash and Loredana Bertè ruled every 2018 summer playlist with "Non Ti Dico No”. The secret of such success? Loredana's biting and magnetic charisma combined with a more catchy and contagious sound, perfect for the lightheartedness of the summer period.

The summer of 2021, perhaps thanks to this almost post-pandemic middle ground in which we rediscovered the value of companionship, sharing, building lasting memories, is an apotheosis of mix & match between past and present music stars.

Jovanotti wrote a contemporary hymn to joy for Gianni Morandi, interpreter of one of the most lively and irresistible songs of the summer.

The two veterans of the Italian pop scene surprised us: the eternal boy from Monghidoro, born in 1944, gives voice and face to one of the summer hits, under the supervision of the younger Lorenzo Cherubini, always and forever Jovanotti.

Who knows what happened in those March evenings in the backstage of Sanremo? Fedez and Orietta Berti, both competing with their new songs, and Achille Lauro, the festival’s special guest who entertained very night with his both sophisticated and camp tableaux vivants, must have developed a special chemistry between rhinestone shells, musical notes and a desire to amaze.

The three made their debut in a truly unprecedented musical ménage à trois a few weeks ago with "Mille", already a summer hit. Catchy and mischievous rhymes for the two rappers, in contrast to the nightingale voice and the old-time elegance of Orietta Berti, a true summer star.

Tireless, always perfect in her short rouge-y boy-is haircut and in her pop make-up, dressed in couture creations by GCDS, Orietta Berti is the 2.0 queen of a summer that brings together the vintage charm and contemporaneity’s euphoria.

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Could it be Berti who positively infected Ornella Vanoni? The singer surprised us all with an unprecedented featuring with Colapesce and DiMartino, who come from of the well-deserved success of “Musica Leggissima”, a harp hymn in the hard times of the pandemic. “Toy Boy” is already seen as the next hit, thanks to the captivating sounds and the wow-effect voice of Ornella, which makes any song unique.

What else awaits us? In a year full of featuring surprises like these, anything can happen: Maneskin with a rock legend like Vasco? Elettra Lamborghini and Lorella Cuccarini, super pop princesses of the summer? We can't wait to find out, and you?