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Covid Birthday: (alternative) pandemic party

Party-time? Quarantine!

By Alessandra Nava

Thanks to the pandemic I will be able to boast of having something in common with the one and only Leone Lucia Ferragni. Both he and I (along with many others, you are all welcome to the most fancy club ever since the Anti Social Social Club) share two birthdays in a row in quarantine.

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The delight of having a birthday in such a tactical moment, between March and April, far from Christmas, Boxing Day, graduations,… which allowed us to accumulate more gifts and attention has become a cross.

No parties, no social interactions, no gifts delivered by the hands of our friends and relatives, no blown candles, which has now become a quick and easy terrorist weapon.

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Leone is just three years old, I'm sure he will have a lot of time to recover and organize happenings à la Great Gatsby (or kind of Project X-y, with all due respect to his parents).

I'm twenty-three. I am very lucky, I don't miss anything, I have a job, a roof over my head, I can buy myself a cake and celebrate with my parents and eat whatever I want and still receive many gifts. But I can assure you that a birthday in lockdown is truly the apotheosis of understatement and of that Monti-like austerity that the senator would have appreciated so much a decade ago.

Last year, on a warm and sunny Sunday in late April, the thrill of my first twenty-two years was turning the car back on after months to keep the battery from running out. Then followed by some cookies that I made myself, because I don't know how to make cakes and my favorite pastry shop was in another town, and by a video call with my now ex-boyfriend. I don't even remember if I watched a movie or something like that in the evening.

Of course it is a birthday that I will remember all my life, I will be able to tell my grandchildren how bored I was that day.

For the twenty-three I want to be more prepared and not be caught off guard. But as if we are in the red zone?

I don't know, I think in the end I will improvise the same day, also because I hate my birthday, which also falls on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, just to make you understand what beautiful day I was born - maybe it was destiny.

But here is a small list of things I would like to do on this special day provided by Mr Draghi and his team:

- Buy me one of those glazed cakes à la Wes Anderson at Marchesi

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-Do a videocall with my best friend, who maybe graduates on my birthday (this is a beautiful coincidence). I could congratulate her and forget it's my birthday too since I hate it

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-Put on makeup and realize a diva photoshoot to legitimize my twenty-three years “flirty and thriving”, as Jennifer Garner says in “13 going 30”

The aforementioned cake is for my parents, because even if I did not ask to be born, they gave me a peaceful life full of “sugar, spice and everything nice!” (this comes from the Powerpuff Girls) and therefore the merit of this day goes more to them than to me.

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My advice for the birthday in lockdown at the end is a bit like this. In the end, the most beautiful parties are always within us, just knowing how to make them pop like champagne.

Best wishes to all our friends from the birthday club in the red zone! Let's hope it's the last one, and let's warm up for future parties, as we have to recover.