How to choose hair brushes and combs: plastic vs wood

What are the most suitable materials for hair care?

By Elisa Grasso

It is not just shampoo, conditioner, mask and thermo protector that make hair beautiful and shiny.

For their health it is essential to choose also how to comb them, and comb them well!

First of all I want to say that combing wet hair is the most wrong there can be (hairdresser aside), because the risk of breaking it is very high.

When wet, in fact, it is good to untangle them with your fingers to have greater control of the applied force and be much more delicate.

The ideal is to comb them dry - possibly morning and evening - always starting from the tips so as to untie the knots, continuing to gradually climb the lengths, always brushing slowly, up to the scalp and stimulating the microcirculation.

You have to pay close attention to the choice of brushes and combs, which if wrong can really ruin the structure of our hair.

Better to prefer brushes with soft natural fiber bristles or wooden combs: plastic and metal in fact tend to break and electrify the hair, and it is certainly not the result we want!

Finally, the brush and comb teeth must be narrow or wide depending on the type of hair: the more curly and indomitable the hair, the wider the teeth must be to avoid doing damage.

Taking care of your hair must be a pampering that takes the right time, don't be brutal please!