Five feminine icons that we would like to see wear Suzanne Rae's shoes

Progressive and current women who look to the future

By Jessica Marinetto

In a busy city like New York where time passes fast, a small brand that bears the name of its creator, Suzanne Rae, has had the courage to stop and reflect on contemporary issues of considerable interest, to which we should all pay attention.

From the idea of a fragile femininity to that of a functional feminism, a minimalist philosophy has come to life that underlines the importance of respecting the environment during the creation phase and makes the women who wear the designer's collections aware.

They are called "gentlewomen" and they are the inspirational muses of Suzanne Rae, or rather, they are all those women who apply a concept of indivency within a traditionalist society and have at heart the redefinition of gender roles. Progressive and current women who look to the future, aware of their position in giving it a concrete form. The shoes, designed by the Brooklyn designer, accurately reflect the female figures who will wear the models. Tapered shapes, straps, medium and square heels take us back in time and make us rediscover the sensuality present between the 60s and 80s.

We wanted to associate the charming models of Suzanne Rae with five feminine icons of the days of today, which through their unconventional beauty, have been able to give a new voice to femininity and the concept of acceptance of oneself.

Black Maryjanes Moire - ZOE ISABELLA KRAVITZ

Daughter of art of one of the most beloved couples of all time, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, he bewitched us with his exotic beauty. A style icon, singer and actress has succeeded in asserting her identity and freeing herself, thanks to such determination, from the shadow of famous parents. There are countless battles that Zoe fights every day for herself and on the social front. Starting from the color of his skin (and that of many women) passing through the ideal of the accessory woman in the world of cinema and traditional beauty standards. Zoe Kraviz applies the philosophy of change in everything she dedicates herself to in life to give voice to all those women who are not represented. Black Maryjanes Moire are Suzanne Rae's shoes that best describe a woman able to stand out and fight for her principles. Simple and sophisticated at the same time, they give value to the tapered shape of the tip. What makes them unique is the moire fabric that creates irregular shades, and the wide strap that rests on the instep closing in a golden buckle.

Olive Croc Maryjanes - KLARA KRISTIN

Klara Kristin is one of the protagonists of the film "Love" by Gaspar Noé. Klara is also the daughter of creatives, so she decides to pursue an artistic career before acting in the film that made her famous. She lives in the Copenhagen hippy community and firmly believes that aesthetic diversity makes it unique. A charm reminiscent of northern Europe, delicate but at the same time incisive traits and an intense blue look that reflects a free woman. The Olive Croc Maryjanes are the model created by Suzanne Rae that we have associated with Klara. A model marked in every partcular especially for its scaled texture that refers to the most pristine landscapes. A thinner strap that encircles the ankle and contains a typical aesthetic of the seventies.

Fringe Back V-Pumps - LILY ROSE DEPP

The features of a doll, a bewitching look, full lips and pouting, she is Lily Rose Depp and is the firstborn of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Her ambivalent character reflects the Franco-American origins, she passes from a sweet girl to a bad girl with a thousand surprises. She also strongly fights for the sexual labels and the body shaming of which she was the victim. Because of her versatility, character and aesthetics, we awarded the Suzanne Rae Fringe Back with V-Pumps to Lily Rose. An elegant shoe, suitable for any occasion due to its classic shape, which manages to amaze thanks to the fringes applied over the heel. A touch of ostentatious femininity for a woman who is not afraid to express her most turbulent sides.

Brown Croc Wide Toe Loafers - PEGGY GOU

South Korean origins, a great passion for house music and strong individuality, she is Peggy Gou, one of the most famous female DJs and style icon of the moment. She managed to land at the Berghein in Berlin as the first South Korean female DJ to play in the most famous techno club in the world. She decides to abandon her work at Harper's Baazar to devote himself entirely to music and her capsule collection of clubbing clothes. Peggy is actively committed to gender equality and against sexism. The Brown Croc Wide Toe moccasin by Suzanne Rae is the shoe we entrust to the South Korean DJ, precisely because of its square and angular shapes that recall the techno music and atmospheres of the 1980s. Comfortable thanks to the low soles and with a scaled skin they are suitable for the most underground nights in the city.

White and Silver 70’s Slingbacks - MOLLY & REESE BLUSTEIN

Two American twins, the same haircut and a constellation of freckles covering their faces. They are Reese and Molly Blustein, two influencers who quickly conquered Instagram users thanks to a minimal-street and masculine style and a passion for candid colors and oversize garments. Although they have a different aesthetic, the outfits they wear are able to enter into a relationship through an accessory or a detail, creating a visual balance and a winning mix and match. Their biggest fashion icon? Obviously the grandmother, from whom they took inspiration for her identity and 70s imprint. Precisely for this reason the Suzanne Rae shoe more suited to the Blustein duo is the 70s Slingback in the white version for Reese and in the silver version for Molly. The slender shape of the sandal is embellished with flaps formed by semicircle ribbons that resemble seventies beach slippers. The contemporaneity of the shoe is suggested by the strap that comes from the sole and closes behind the ankle. An eccentric shoe suitable for women with a vintage soul but with an authentic and current character in all their nuances.