Christmas Guide: 10 low cost gifts

You have no more excuses, just a click!

By Jessica Marinetto

Christmas is coming and the snow has already fallen to announce it. If you have not yet completed the purchase of gifts, do not worry, we suggest a suggestion of low-cost but at the same time tasty ideas. We have collected 10 gift ideas so as not to panic at the last minute. From the most sought-after beauty kits, to sweaters, to high-tech accessories that will keep you company. Make yourself comfortable: just one click to receive your selected gifts under the tree!


Sunglasses are a very subjective gift idea for this reason we have chosen four different models that can be worn by different faces, thanks to the simple and current lines. They are suitable for any occasion. From the city to the mountains, from festive looks to everyday ones.

These are from Mango.


Bags are an evergreen of Christmas gifts. The choice, between classic models to be used every day or more eccentric to wear on special occasions, is really wide. So, ready to choose?

Find these mini bags from Zara and Asos.


It is not a real Christmas if under the tree there is not a nice sweater ready to warm you up. From those with embroidery and appliqués, to the classic white ones, up to the twin-sets returned directly from the 90s. And which do you prefer?

These are from Asos and Zara.


For all the beauty addicts a appreciated gift is a box full of skincare products. Here is our selection: the PIXI Fast Flash Facial! that exfoliates, moisturizes and regenerates the skin even when you're in a hurry but don't want to give up on your skin care.

The vitamins of The Ordinary, super required and indispensable for all those who do not want to do without perfect skin.

The Pink Boxes # 2 and # 3 of EspressOh. The # 2 consisting of the "Intense" mascara and a pair of socks with the inscription #smellbeforeuse, all contained in a pink box. If instead of mascara you prefer EspressOh lipstick in "RossOh" you can buy box # 4. The # 3 Pink Box has mascara and lipstick inside, the brand's classics.

If you prefer to give something more intimate and delicate, the gift for you is a perfume. Despite only the idea of ​​giving a perfume in many creates indecision, we assure you that the ones we have selected will not disappoint anyone.
Nature's created a line called "Tales" in which each perfume tells a beautiful story through the fragrance. We have selected three: Biancodolce, Sol d’agrumi and Una nota that remind us of the family and the sense of love that is covered every Christmas.


Another gift you can't miss in your Gift List 2019 is definitely the pajamas. From those in satin to those in eco-sustainable jersey the choice is to be directed towards an elegant long or short model, and a more practical one. A great thought for those who need to relax and sleep comfortably during the holidays but... even the whole year!

Then run immediately to Asos.


High Tech gifts are conquering 2019 gift ideas because they are increasingly appreciated and useful in everyday life. We have selected two objects that will drive you crazy. Starting from the Wireless Earbuds created by Skinnydip, a group of designers, who dedicates these earphones to all the girls who want to have fun. The headphone case acts as a battery charger.

Another object, for those who can't do without music, is a Typo mini case to use when you are in the shower. A point in favor of this small case is that it makes and answers calls.

Both can be found on Asos and are labeled as "super requested" so hurry up and buy a latest generation gift.


Another gift idea that we thought you would like to have in Gift List 2019, are small accessories to complete the look. We chose Asos Design rings with pink or green baguette crystals, a gift idea for all the true connoisseurs of bijoux.

If you prefer to stay tied to the Christmas theme and remind the recipient of the gift that is special to you, the gold-plated necklace by Asos Design is for you, thanks to the little stars it covers.

Dangle earrings are a gift that should never be excluded from the lists, so we offer three different types of earrings. A pair of pendants with green stones and white pearls, a pair of gold made up of three intertwining rings and its peculiarity lies in its simplicity. The last couple of H&M is full of pearls and won us over by its square shape.

Inevitable hair clips. Covered with stones, pearls or glitter with words that celebrate girl power, they have conquered all of us girls. If, on the other hand, you don't like hair clips but don't want to give up the idea of ​​this accessory, you can also find pins, again with words, pearls and glitter.


For instant photography enthusiasts the Instax Mini 9 is the most suitable gift. A new and revised design has already won many girls. You can choose from a wide range of pastel colors and include many options including flash, but above all a small mirror near the lens so you can take selfies with friends and friends.


Books but also design objects to keep on the table in the living room, to be able to browse from time to time without reaching the highest shelf in the library. We have selected some photography and fashion cofee table books that have made history. Up to the catwalk books of the most important fashion houses of all time.


If last minute gifts have literally sent you into a panic, the solution is a wonderful lipstick! From cherry red to the thicker one up to the palette of pinks, you will certainly not go wrong. We have decided to select lipsticks for you that will solve your packages still empty. Starting from those of MAC Cosmetics, famous for their holding power and matte but moisturizing finish, to those of EspressoOh which bases its idea of make-up on simplicity. And, for all coffee lovers, you should know that every lipstick is enriched with Arabica coffee oil that moisturizes and softens the lips.

Now it's your turn to fill the Christmas tree. Happy Holidays!