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Who are the GINKs and what is Childfree Day?

The acronym GINK ("green inclinations, no kids") refers to all people who choose not to have children because they believe this is the greenest choice to make


Of the "there are too many of us why continue to reproduce?" series. Normalizing a childless life is increasingly common among Millennials and Gen Z.

With data in hand, it is clear that the younger generation is increasingly aware that parenthood does not have to be an obligatory stage of life.

Only 379,000 children were born in Italy in 2023. While in many cases the demographic decline depends on external factors that hinder the realization of a desire, in many others it is a matter of carefully considered choices.

Istat speaks clearly: in Italy the birth rate in 2023 was 6.4 per thousand, compared to 6.7 per thousand in 2022. And the figure becomes interesting especially when compared to the crazy time women are experiencing. Crushed by shameful and pounding social pressure.

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What has changed and is continuing to evolve is not only the numbers, but also the way Millennials and Gen Z approach the issue: by claiming the legitimate and autonomous choice not to have children.

Yes, because a woman without children is no less a woman and having been a child has every right to express her opinion. To the most classic of classics: "You are not a mother you cannot understand," the new generation responds, "I can understand and I can also decide." Another detail not to be overlooked: children may not come.

This is the context for International Childfree Day, the international day dedicated to those who have chosen not to become parents. Celebrated on August 1, this holiday originated in the late 1970s in the United States. Childfree, as the word free suggests.

It was exactly 1973 when feminists began using the term more widely in the US. Starting with what is now known as the National Alliance for Optional Parenthood, but at the time it was called the National Organization for Non-Parents (N.O.N.).

This decision should be considered by all as legitimate, it should be a source of happiness and serenity for those who make it, and instead for years and still today these are the questions that men and women hear repeatedly: "When are you going to have a child?", "It's a missed opportunity: you will never fulfill yourself as a person!", "You will never experience true love!" and again, "By the time you want children, it will be too late, think hard!" And then we get to one of the best: "You would make a great parent!" 

And sti dicks shall we put it there? Questions that precisely every human being, man or woman, has been asked at least once in the course of his or her existence, and which have caused and continue to cause severe dizziness.

The simplest thing in the world would be policies that loudly communicate, "do whatever you want, live by your dreams and needs."

After all, if Mom told us to do one thing, our instinct was to do the opposite. No?! It doesn't take experts to understand the elementary nature of certain messages. It simply would take intelligent people. Oh yeah that's impossible. Again.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios