Original cast for Lizzie McGuire's reebot

And we couldn't be happier than that!

By acrimonia

Almost the debut of Disney+, a new streaming platform that will revive moments of sincere joy to the sofa gang.

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El capítulo estreno de la secuela de #LizzieMcGuire, se titula "13 Going on 30." Este episodio fue escrito por la creadora de la serie, Terri Minsky ♥️ #hilaryduff

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November 12th (for the moment only the one for the USA has been announced, the Italian one will be at the beginning of 2020) is the launch date and Lizzie McGuire's reebot news continues to be a blow to the heart every time.

This time, Disney+ announced that the star cast will be the same as the original series. Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine and Jake Thomas will return as Jo, Sam and Matt McGuire, exactly as we left them.

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A picture perfect fam! Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine, and Jake Thomas will reprise their roles as Jo, Sam, and Matt McGuire with Hilary Duff in #LizzieMcGuire, an all-new #DisneyPlus series coming soon.

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Miranda and Gordon will continue to orbit around the life of our favorite Lizzie, but in what roles? Gordon, according to the most passionate, could gamble to be the boyfriend of a new business Lizzie woman. Ethan Craft, instead? Will he have kidnapped her heart? And Kate Sanders?

All we know is that the protagonist is about to turn thirty, she lives in New York and her seemingly perfect life will be enlivened by sudden news.

We can't wait to discover more!

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Alpaca your bags! #LizzieMcGuire, an original series coming soon to #DisneyPlus, is heading to the Big Apple for the next chapter in Lizzie’s story. Check out this exclusive photo from the first day of production.

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