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Happy 2022 with Soraya the Label!

Change is now

By Fabiola Graziosi

Chiara Glionna and Betta Creuso are the founders of Soraya the Label, an emerging brand that looks to the future by supporting fundamental values such as sustainability and inclusiveness.
Analyzing the textile panorama at 360 degrees, the two designers, who today deal full time with their reality, have found that there are many companies today that find themselves discarding (or wasting) several meters of fabric.
Chiara and Betta actively avoid wasting such materials by supplying, for their creations, the waste of fabric from a Brianza sofa factory. They give a new life to what otherwise would actually be garbage by making unique garments and accessories in limited quantities.

To celebrate 2022, they developed the Holidays Capsule collection working with two types of gold-colored leather.

We can't wait to find out more... happy new year!