Bagni Luisa and the aesthetics of the Italian summer

The one with which we have always been linked

By Camilla Alcini

Bagni Luisa takes us, immediately, with the mind to the Italian beaches in the "Sapore di Mare" style, with the factories that become the center of gravity of summer life. Can you imagine the pizzas eaten on the beach, the bars of the villages and the summer starry skies?

Bagni Luisa is the brand that allows you to always live (even in winter) these familiar, comfortable sensations, to which we have always been extremely attached.

It was born from the idea of the founder Luisa Bertoldo, who imagines the bathroom of the same name as a meeting point for ideas, graphics and patterns.

The first fruit of this imaginary place is a series of deliberately stereotyped t-shirts, such as that of the Pizzeria da Luisa, because everyone has their own "pizzeria", or the simple and elegant one inspired by Capri. For those who in summer connect the campsites, the adventure on the road and the kisses stolen under the stars, there is the Camping Luisa T-shirt.

Then we find Bagni Luisa Sunny Camp, inspired by the sailors' wardrobe, perfect with high-waisted trousers to achieve the effortlessly chic look of those who are about to set sail.

The t-shirts are all in organic cotton, unisex and with an oversize fit, and especially designed for every moment of the year.

For those who need Italianness in their accessories, the latest addition to the Bagni Luisa family is called Gioie, the name that grandmothers used for their jewelry (grandchildren included!). Three essential models, PingPong, Octopus and Conchiglia, all colorful and handcrafted.

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If you are not already convinced to go to www.bagniluisa.com, know that 10% of all products will be donated to the Mario Negri Institute, an internationally renowned Italian reality for independent clinical research.

Ready for the Italian summer?

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