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Hail Caesar: the untouchable is back

Cremonini’s new album, to be released in February 2022, is called “La ragazza del futuro” and is a challenge against time.


There is something extraordinarily delicate about the single that Cremonini launched on December 1st. “Colibrì”, the name immediately did not excite me, “why choose the name of a bird?” I asked myself, “What content more than the concept of flying can be attributed to a hummingbird?” “Purity, lightness?”. I waited 20 days to hear it.

But Cesare is an artist to whom I always give a second chance, in listening but above all in the search for understanding of his texts. He is one of the few musicians whose words I absorb trying to grasp the depth of his thoughts, with the risk sometimes not to find what I am looking for.

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It will be because of the link I have with Bologna, it will be because of the meeting we had back in 2003. I still remember, I was 9 years old and I was at the after show of a concert of Vasco. I saw him from a distance and I asked my aunt to take me to him. Caesar gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “what a pleasure, Giulietta”.

It took “what a pleasure” to never let me lose sight of him. Of his twenty years of career I smelled everything, quietly, without making public my boundless passion for that familiar accent, the poetic banality that orbits around him, the immeasurable ego, the mastery at the piano and the unfathomable charm that feeds on and nourishes his groupies (I proudly slip into the middle).

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Un post condiviso da cesarecremonini (@cesarecremonini)

Going back to “Colibrì”, the intro remembers one of those meditation apps that force you to relax by overpowering your thoughts (“Calm”), 24 seconds of travel into nowhere and here you are introduced gracefully the voice of Caesar. It’s clear from the start his goal is to slow down. The desire not to conform to the new republic of artists is one of the aspects that fascinates me most of the songwriter.

“Staying in Bologna is important”, Cesare invited to the podcast “Muschio Selvaggio” by Fedez and Luis Sal defends sword-drawn his city, remembering the ability not to make his artists feel pressured. It refers to the great Dalla, Morandi, cites Bersani and confirms the osteriocentric (from the term “Osteria”) character of the Emilian capital.

Then we talk about music and the difficulty that young artists have today in competing with the big ones. Today creating music has a cost, it means creating content, it is a competition and the costs to be worth more in the competition are very high. Who defines it as liquid is who does not work in it.

He convinces by claiming to be one of those artists who never bowed to market demands, but admits that if he could do it was only for the existence of his historian. People knew who Cesare Cremonini was when Cesare Cremonini chose not to homologate himself: “We are all looking to be different”.

With the album to be released in February 2022 “La ragazza del futuro”, Cremonini knows he wants to tell a story against time, a gentle, delicate, polite story, a story of sensitivity. To confirm once again to remain faithful to a totally immersive way of making music.

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Un post condiviso da cesarecremonini (@cesarecremonini)

The tour “Cremonini stadi 2022” with which will return to play live inaugurates its first appointment on June 9 in Lignano, Teghil Stadium. Then Milan, Turin, Padua, Florence, Bari, Rome and Imola. And 7 years after the “Più Che Logico Tour” at Palalottomatica with my brother, I reconfirm my presence.

Hello Cesare, we meet under the stage!