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ARTYGRAM: @pink_bits



A liberated sexuality



This new ARTYGRAM episode features the illustrator and graphic designer Christine Emily Yahya.

Her art is expressed through an intimate rediscovery of one's own body, or rather of the female body in all its forms and "defects".

The illustrations are a manifesto of freedom and tell how to feel yourself by inhabiting a body that sometimes we don't like. Christine has become the spokeswoman for a female cause by trying to explain, with fluid and ironic lines, that we are doing well, that masturbation, menstruation or having too small breasts are not a cause for shame.

With her simplicity, it has been able to transform everything that every woman tends to hide into a visible one. Her art is expressed through different women, with tattoos, hair or in a wheelchair. We find them embracing, dancing carefree or by the hand, because there are no differences if you are on the same side. Other times, however, she draws female bodies in moments of solitude, rediscovering the essence of being women.

Private life scenes never told, a drawing that delineates non-standardized naked bodies, which almost disturb us, because no woman has ever been free to conduct the game alone or to feel free to show her extra pounds without feeling guilty. The goal of the Australian illustrator is precisely to make us reflect on truth and authenticity, there is no room for those who are afraid to look and recognize themselves.

Usually, Christine captures the subject with a photograph, sometimes she is herself, and then she starts to develop the whole project from the representation with the pencil, which she then cancels to go over everything with pantones, creating a concrete light and shadow effect.

Color is part of the identity of the design, which finds its maximum expression in the play of shades of pink, brown and yellow of the women's skin, in contrast with strong backgrounds with money-colored blocks that give relevance to the protagonist, that is the body.

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When you’re out of batteries, so you have to resort to a good old fashioned, hand made Orgasm 💦 ✨ . . . #pinkbits #illustration #feminist #representation #diversity #pastel

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Finally, what I would like to underline is the tendency to live in a world filtered by fictitious images, which have appropriated our faces, bodies and everything that represents perfection for us: full lips, French nose and abundant breasts ( to name a few).

For once, however, through art and drawing, someone reminded us that normality is imperfect and that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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I miss you & your butt: the horny poem of 2020 🍑✨ . . . #pinkbits #illustration #feminist #representation #diversity #pastel #lingerie #bodyhair #bootypimples

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