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ARTYGRAM: @analeovy



The multicolored deconstruction of female empowerment


By Jessica Marinetto

This new episode of ARTYGRAM stars the young Mexican artist and illustrator from Cancun, Ana Leovy.

Her art is a strong correspondence between hyper-pop color blocks that oppose each other, finding space on fluid bodies close to Fauvism and that tell the simple everyday life.

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A celebration of diversity that manifests itself on deconstructed silhouettes that describe weaves inspired by culture, fashion and dreams.

Ana prefers the use of acrylic colors that dry quickly and allow you to work quickly making the illustrations full of life, brilliant transporting the observer to tropical places and involving him in those scenes of meetings, celebrations and ordinariness halfway between reality and the fantasy of the artist.

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They wore nothing but their own colors

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The shapes of the body, despite the play of colors making them fluid, are interrupted to reveal Ana's vision of beauty. A beauty that represents the female strength in all its dissimilarities, forming coalitions, groups and indissoluble bonds. A winning set of vibrations and visual stimuli that allow the artist's support to be perceived for causes such as female empowerment, the acceptance of diversity and equality between individuals.

The energy that Ana Leovy releases with her colored brushstrokes on a white and anonymous canvas are a pleasant description of her feminine gaze and her Mexican spirit that together give life to a unique art of its kind.

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A lil dancin party under a tree

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