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Animals and fashion: Giulia Pasqualetti and Silvia Villa told us about the Animal Spot Milano project

Sweetness, care, passion and preparation: the keywords for successful actors

By Angelica Tanzini

We met Giulia and Silvia, the Animal Spot Milano’s owner and partner. During the interview they told us how in recent years the desire for nature and animals has changed a lot, which is why they built their agency made up of a team of trainers, women and professionals.

Their agency was born with the aim of casting special actors, animals, but the mission does not end there: Giulia ans Silvia together with their team also take care of their preparation and their training, in order to accompany them during and after the moment of the set.

How was Animal Spot Milano born? What is its mission?

Animal Spot Milano is an agency that was born from the focus on the show business sector and how little animals are considered that they are sometimes treated as objects to the point that the work itself is not very effective. So, I, who love communication, love nature and animals, I invented this agency, an agency that respects not only the animal but also requires skills in the production, interpretation and execution of a certain message, for example if I want to convey elegance rather than creativity, a break with the social, or something else.

This project was successful and it was immediately joined by two shops, in which animals are sold but with our same school of thought and to the projects of Silvia, who has become a partner, a fundamental part of the Animal Spot Milano, which owns an equestrian center where we keep many animals, trained actors. The mission is to find the right actors because every breed, every species and every single animal has a different character and psychology anyway, so not always a dog of a certain size can be good for a commercial rather than for a presentation of a movie.

Animal Spot Milano is not just an agency but deals with animal training and education. How long does it take to prepare your “actor”?

The animals that are selected are included in our database, from that moment on they are constantly always educated, controlled and trained by our trainers.

What are the animals most requested by your customers?

We work with dogs, rapacious, cats, felines and all legally held animals, but also with panthers, in reality we have also worked with a very aggressive big raccoon.

How do you manage to understand that “the sacred fire of art” burns in that animal?

We make a selection for casting via email, to prevent people from turning their pet into a projection of their desire for success. The right animals must be self-centered, they must have a character that is already a minimum of socialized, they cannot be animals that must be recovered because that would be another type of job.

There is a tendency to think that animals that perform like this are “exploited” or in any case placed in a context that is not natural for them ... how do you respond to this?

What is the animal / human relationship? For us it is a fundamental relationship, that those who say that the animal is distorted when it lives in contact with humans, such as the bunny, cannot be with children or that animals must only be in nature. We don't think this, but everyone is free to think what they want and we respect it. […]

Our Silvia takes care of preparing the control, the questions and the search for people who are not exalted, but who understand and are in line with our philosophy. So the animal that is then selected and that acts, can only improve in this way, because in any case it is at the center of attention but its well-being is always put first, as well as being educated by the owner and by the our trainers, so that it comes out much more reassured than the relationship with man. We never keep our pets more than 4 hours on set, so they can't leave stressed out.

You are two entrepreneurs. How much has being a woman contributed to the success of the business?

We immediately found each other and we began to exchange a series of experiences concerning the knowledge and temperament of animals. Our mission is to bring man closer to nature, all of this is much more immediate to the feminine because it is more felt, so let's say that women are often the protagonists of these projects together with non-conformism.

What do you expect from the future? What will Animal Spot Milano be like in 10 years?

We would like to combine all this with social life and art, in the sense that we have already collaborated with very important architects and artists, we would like to continue to do this because we believe that contemporary art with installations where nature is the protagonist can improve and have a social burden.



Image: Animal Spot Milano Press Office