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Are we still questioning the Green Pass?

Our first right is that of health

By Gianfranco Gatta

But the real question is: “Why must the majority of Italians, 85%, remain hostage to an obtuse minority that more than arguing physically threatens journalists, doctors, teachers and anyone else respects the legality?”.

Inside that 15%, a crazy mayonnaise that protests there is everything: not vaccinated, not Green Pass with vaccine or without and no vax. The latter are estimated at 5% and are as the most relentless and often violent in protest, see the threats to Mayor Hall to hang him upside down: unacceptable!

In the remaining 10% there is a varied multitude, represented by multiple positions: who can not make the vaccine for health reasons, who consider the Green Pass a deviation of our constitutional rights and who pretends not to remember that our first right is that of healthThe objection is that the Green Pass has nothing to do with health but that it is a sneaky way to impose vaccination; it also involves limitations to work resulting in damage to the economy and finally that we are the only country in the world to have introduced it.

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Well the Green Pass has to do with our health since it was really an expedient to accelerate mass vaccination, so much so that it has passed in just over a month from 70% before its introduction, to the current 86% of vaccinated. And you complain about it?

In a situation of ordinary administration, the imposition of the document would certainly be a serious violation of our constitutional rights but here, and there are even those who deny it, we are facing a worldwide emergency due to the pandemic and the introduction of this pass has secured our return to social life and the same jobs, allowing the revival of our economy, as all economic indicators say. No more stories than stories!

Vaccines are not 100% conclusive, true, but they have made a devastating and often fatal disease to a simple flu disease with cold, freeing intensive therapies and hospital beds. Today the only patients admitted are patients without a vaccine and the latest news is a new outbreak in Trieste, due to the demonstrations of no Green Pass, resulting in peak infection in the city.

Yes, at the moment we are the only country in the world to have made mandatory the Green Pass but not only, the vast majority of Italians continued to voluntarily comply with safety standards, such as the outdoor mask, the personal spacing and preventive use of the gel. All this with a great sense of responsibility to which only President Draghi has dedicated his personal thanks, unlike other politicians who in recent months have done nothing but reject their responsibilities and their incompetence on the Italian population, young people in the first place. Bums on the loose!

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While in Italy there are those who say that: “The game is played on the third dose”, as Professor Crisanti, in Israel are considering the administration of the fourth; their concern is the number of non-vaccinated (650 thousand out of 7 million who could have done so) and the million people who missed the third dose.

In England they went fast, very fast, in the administration of the first, lengthening the times for the second but the worst is that there was “a free all” in the use of masks, in the social distance resulting in crowding in public places, like stages, with the result that for over a month they have recorded about 150 daily deaths and three times as many infected as we do.

In Europe the most dramatic case concerns Romania: 226 deaths per million inhabitants, while in Italy we are at 8.5; at the moment the immunized are 37% of the population, while the EU average is 75%.

Russia, outside the EU, has 40% of the vaccinated population, Sputnik and travels with 40,000 infected and 1000 deaths a day.

We could go on and on and on and on and on with the numbers that indisputably demonstrate how the Italian line, unique in the world, has been preventive, effective and therefore rewarding, in response to criticism at best ignorant but most often paid and in conscious bad faith.

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Perhaps the time has come for the “silent majority” to make its voice heard with cheerful and peaceful demonstrations in the streets, throughout Italy, showing large signs with the words: “No to idiots!”